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 Rules and Guidlines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidlines   Sun May 30, 2010 5:04 pm


Here be the rules of the board.

Advice: be as descriptive as possible, and if you can, include relevant pictures. This helps us envision what you are talking about, and it will be that much more likely to be accepted. Be polite. We are usually polite to you, even when denying things, but being rude does not ever help your case. We may occasionally be wrong, its happened before, it'll happen again, but simply private message us, and we'll discuss it with the other admins, and possibly change our ruling. Also know that the person reviewing your custom has the right to decide how many words it takes to learn it.

Technique/style Creation Rules:

You may have noticed that you are able to create specific fighting techniques that temporarily increase your stats. There are rules to this however. There are two types of techniques. First, ones that have a significant reiatsu component and can have a wide variety of effects. Second, fighting techniques that do NOT have a reiatsu component, and do not cost reiatsu. Instead they make use of physics principals such as gravity, momentum, etc. to give you a temporary boost in Power, without having to use SP. Now, here are the rules:

1. If you create a style of combat (submitted and approved by management beforehand), you are able to create 15 moves for that style. The ONLY stat that can be increased by using a technique that does not use Reiatsu is Power (every other stat would require the expenditure of Reiatsu to increase). The only stats that can be increased as a result of reiatsu manipulation in techniques are Power, Speed, and Shunpo Speed. You are allowed up to 3 "master" moves. For these techniques, you can increase Power, Speed, and Shunpo Speed up to 30 points (total) for their duration (if no reiatsu is used, Power is the only stat that can be increased. If there is a reiatsu component, you may use no more than 10 for Shunpo Speed). You may have 5 mid range moves which can increase Power, Speed, and Shunpo Speed up to 20 points for their duration (Power can only be increased by 15, if reiatsu is used you may not use more than 5 for Shunpo Speed), and the rest of the moves must increase power, speed, or shunpo speed no more than 10 points for their duration (no more than 5 for Shunpo Speed). Each master technique can only be performed twice each battle.

2. You may post your own requirements and deductions for your techniques, but a manager may tell you that a move seems to advanced for your character's level of skill. (No sword technique may take more than an 80 in Zanjutsu skill to perform). A manager has the right to post extra requirements for your technique as long as there is sound reasoning behind it. For instance if your technique involves flash step, a manager may post a Shunpo Speed requirement if it is applicable.

3. If you do not feel like creating a style, you are allowed up to 10 custom techniques that do not have to be listed as being a part of a style. Unless well defended, an admin may ask you to add a reiatsu cost for the stat increase. Be prepared to answer questions such as, "Why should your character get a stat boost for this attack?". If you do not answer satisfactorily, you will be denied the technique, or you will have to add a reiatsu cost. Techniques such as these do not always have to be offensive. They can be defensive or supplementary.

4. Any move you make is under scrutiny. If you abuse it, or use a technicality or an oversight of the admins to take advantage of an opponent or power play, it can be disapproved and taken away. Be judicious in their use, and do not make a technique that has no weaknesses (i.e. undodgeable and unblockable.)

5. Any move that a manager feels has too much of a kido opponent (ex. crazy tornado sword attack with a dragon reiatsu aura that blows up everything close to it.........), then if it is not outright denied (like the example would be), it may be asked to be changed to a kido or kido combination.

Custom Kido, and Kido Combination Rules:

We are allowing the addition of custom kido on this site. However we will give you fair warning. If we do not think the technique is good, i.e. just another blast, or is elemental in any way (we realize there are elemental Kido, we simply do not want custom versions), or includes abilities best reserved for zanpakuto, we WILL deny it. It is nothing personal, but if custom kido are not closely watched, a character can literally become invulnerable to harm, teleport everywhere, explode people with their middle finger...etc. In short, be creative (as in there being nothing too similar out there), make sure the kido you are making is NOT too powerful, make sure that it complies with all the rules on kido that are established here on this fine rpg, and it stands a good chance of being accepted.

On a different matter, we are also accepting Kido Combinations. Want to add a kido to an attack, but don't want to deal with people saying, "That wouldn't work....that's just stupid...", or "You can't do that! You filthy cheater!"? This is the board for you. Moves such as Shunko, would fit into the category of "Kido Combination". Cuz guess what? It's Kido combined with hand to hand combat...yeah...clever, we know. Also combining two kido together also goes under Kido Combinations. Any time you are combining a technique with a kido concept (other than just a temporary stat boost), it must be made following these rules. Infractions will result in us verbally slapping you and calling you mean things. Continued infractions may result in your creative privileges being taken away. Advice: be as descriptive as possible, and if you can, include relevant pictures. This helps us envision what you are talking about, and it will be that much more likely to be accepted.

1. Any technique must comply with the standard Kido rules. See the Kido thread for more details.

2. You are allowed to make 5 custom Kido, and 5 Kido Combinations. The distinction between the two should be clear.

3. You May not have any Kido that includes cloning, bodily teleportation, portals, elemental ANYTHING, or illusions.

4. It's been said before, we'll say it again. BE ORIGINAL. We would not, for instance, accept anything called: Hadou 44: Kamehameha, or Hadou 57: Special Beam Cannon. You think we're not serious, but we've seen it before. We'll also go ahead and warn you that making up new blasting/beam/laser kido is a bad idea unless we reeeaaalllly like the way you've described it. There are too many already, one for just about every single power tier in kido, and we don't really need any more.

5. Do not create a Kido that boosts your stats. It will not be accepted, and you will be verbally slapped and ridiculed.

Technology Invention/Weapon Creation Rules:

Guess what? There are none! Other than the fact that you MUST have a character in the twelfth division to create something sciency, you have free reign here. We are allowing you to unleash your creativity here unhampered by rules, but that can change at any moment should we see something we don't like going on, so tread carefully.
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Rules and Guidlines
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