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 Sansai Amatsu (Sotaicho)

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PostSubject: Sansai Amatsu (Sotaicho)   Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:08 pm

xXGeneral InformationXx


Name: Sansai Shihōin Amatsu
Alias: None
Visual/Suggested Age: 20
Actual Age: 1100
Gender: Male
Looks: A tall, physically imposing male of a darker skin tone than is usual due to his Shihoin ancestry. His dark looks starkly contrast with his strange, bright golden colored eyes. Though his facial expression is usually described as being serious, or stoic, his eyes tell a different story. They are usually rapt, and those who know Amatsu well can often read his emotions via his expressive eyes. He often carries himself with a certain intensity, and walks, and even fights with an economy of force; his posture could at first glanced be taken as relaxed, but upon closer expression one could say that he moves with repressed ferocity. He wears his Zanpakuto at his side as is the common custom, and also wears the traditional red sash of his clan's leader.
Division: First (Captain)

xXPersonal InformationXx

Personality: Calm, fair, extremely forceful when necessary. Stubborn, but well-meaning, Amatsu strongly believes in family and responsibility. He has an extremely strong and well developed moral code. He fights honorably, and dislikes using either his Shikai, or Bankai to win battles, usually relying on his bare hands, kido, or most usually, his simple unsheathed sword. Due to the tragic events in his life, he has a harsh side, unyielding and unforgiving. His greatest flaw is not arrogance, but rather ruthlessness and frightening, almost single-minded determination. He is not rash, however where Hollows are concerned, he is almost inhuman in his drive to destroy them. Enemies have, in the past, used this to manipulate him. He has since retained a little more clarity where they are concerned, but it is still a weakness of his. There are sometimes odd shifts in his personality, where he will sometimes seem calm, but suddenly become steely with anger. He is not overt in his displays of anger, though at times his facial expressions will change to display his anger, it is usually his eyes that convey his displeasure.

Likes: Honor, honesty, spicy foods, bettering himself, and helping others to better themselves.
Dislikes: Dishonor, dishonesty, bland foods, failure, Hollows and anything to do with them and laziness.
Code: Life life as an example, so that others might follow.


A true son of the Sansai clan, a noble family of considerable prestige but not much renown, he was chosen to be the next in a long line of clan leaders shortly after birth. Sensing his unusually high spiritual energy, his family began teaching him to control it even at a young age. As an elemental representation of fire, Amatsu's uncontrolled spiritual energy lit fire to his room when he was young to the horror of his family. However, the young boy was unharmed. From then on, his family threw him into a rigorous training regime, to help him control his spiritual energy. His parents felt he was too young to enter the Spiritual Arts Academy, though in the past others only a little older than himself had entered, completed the curriculum, and passed. Instead, they chose to hone his skills as the future leader of the clan. Amatsu's mother, Aya, was a princess of the Tenshiheisōban. The Shihoin family. As such, Amatsu was a prince of the Shihoin family, and was treated with great, but somewhat mocking respect by his peers, which disturbed him. Though he performed his duties as a prince of the Shihoin family, and future leader of the Sansai clan admirably, Amatsu grew restless. He began sneaking out of his house and out of Seireitei to wander Rukongai. Making sure to dress as the people there dressed, he made many friends, introducing himself just as Amatsu. He sometimes got into fights when he saw injustices, once even attacking a group of armed men when they were chasing after one of his friends. He grew close to these commoners from Rukongai. They were his first true friends.

~The Voice, A City In The Clouds~

As he did, his skills improved, and he began to realize that he enjoyed defending those people, and yes, it had to be said, he enjoyed the thrill of battle. Soon, he realized his true destiny lay with the Gotei 13, and growing uncertain that his family wished him to join the Gotei 13 at all, he began secretly training himself, quickly excelling at swordsmanship, focusing on Kendo. Having learned Flash Step from a friend and cousin in the Shihoin clan, Amatsu also practiced this art extensively, sometimes so much that he literally collapsed from exhaustion and passed out mid-step. Around this time, he began hearing a voice in his head, a voice that was extremely familiar to him, but he could not place where he had heard it before. He began dreaming of a beautiful city, with buildings sometimes white, and sometimes gold and a light in the sky that spoke to him in an echoing voice. Every time he asked the voice its name, and everytime he woke up before he heard it, covered in sweat, and glowing with his golden reiatsu, his surroundings beginning to catch aflame. Since his parents had kept him away from all aspects of the Gotei 13, he dismissed these as just dreams, and he told no one about them.

~Tragedy Strikes~

As he became stronger he began to wish for the chance to test his skills against a serious opponent. Little did he know that he was about to be presented with a challenge that may have been unsurmountable. He and some of his friends were suddenly attacked by a large hollow while wandering on the outskirts of Rukongai. The hollow was extremely powerful, and had a great many tentacles which it used, despite Amatsu's best efforts, to kill two of his friends, ripping them apart before his very eyes, as well as incapacitate two shinigami that had come to their aid. It then turned on him, wrapping a tentacle around his throat and lifting him into the air. He felt a profound anger and a steely determination to save the rest of his friends, and to avenge his fallen ones. Just as he was about to lose consciousness he heard the voice...he was in the golden city, floating above it. He implored the voice to help him, to give him the strength he needed to save his friends reaching towards the sun of that golden realm. The light in the sky spoke to him again, once more, and it told him its name "Ouganjidai". Reaching into the light, Amatsu pulled out a Zanpakuto. Meanwhile, in the real world, Amatsu was reaching forward towards the face of the hollow, when his reiatsu suddenly and explosively came to bear. Burning the tentacles nearest him, he was released. With the zanpakuto in his hands, and the Kendo training he had recieved, he was able to save his friends, and using the element of surprise, destroy the hollow. The Shinigami regained consciousness soon afterwards, and recognizing his abnormally intense spiritual pressure, they returned to Seireitei with him to get him and his friends treated for saving their lives. It was here where they asked the Chief instructer of the academy if he would take Amatsu as his pupil. Thus, Amatsu was accepted into the Shinigami academy at an early age, proving to be highly talented, graduating in just two years. He was allowed to forgo the responsibilities his nobility entailed for as long as was necessary and possible. He was first asked to join the Omnitsukido, the black ops, specifically.

~Coming into His Own~

Amatsu learned many things while under the tutelage of the second division's captain, however, Amatsu grew discontent, feeling that the Omnitsukido was not the right place for him. Though an adept at it, it did not suit his fighting style. Having learned the name of his Zanpakuto while still in the academy, and discovering that despite the fiery nature of his Zanpakuto, it had the ability to heal others, Amatsu felt it was his duty to lend his power to the fourth division. He stayed with the fourth division for three years and served as that squad's fifth seat. Eventually, however, his combat prowess was noted, and he was transfered to the eleventh division. He excelled there, even though he was not nearly as battle-loving as his comrades. His tragic experience with his first battle had taught him that true battle is disgusting and abhorrent, but necessary. That it was not a game. He carried within himself a deep sadness and shame that he could not save those friends he had lost to that hollow, just five years ago. But what came of that experience was determination, and his drive far surpassed his peers, most of whom had never lost anyone to the scum that were Hollow. His cool composure soon earned him a fearsome reputation, and soon it was time for a promotion, to third seat of the fifth division. When he arrived, he was glad to see his companion from the academy, Hakufu Hiwatari, the then vice-captain. Training with Hakufu, Amatsu discovered his sword's unique abilities, and used them to great effect when sent out on missions. He was tireless, asking to be put on more and more missions, as if he had a vendetta against hollows...which he did.

~Sealed Away, Buried Alive~

However, his stint as the third seat of the fifth division would be brief. After unveiling a plot and punishing a traitor, tragedy struck. Amatsu, along with several of his comrades disappeared while away on a mission. There was an "accident" that resulted in Amatsu being sealed in a large device, buried under a demolished laboratory in Seireitei. It was thought that he and his entire team had died. However, this was not the case. The container kept him alive, and for centuries, Amatsu did nothing but commune with his zanpakuto spirit, meditate, and train. He had to. It was the only way to retain his sanity in the face of centuries of solitude. He eventually reached a point of perfect union with his Zanpakuto. At this stage, he had become so powerful in most respects that Amatsu began to notice the container being damaged. As he continued to train and grow, the more he felt that his cage was no longer as sturdy as it once had been.


Upon closer inspection of his prison, Amatsu concluded that it was only meant to contain and sustain souls of a certain range of power. A range that he had now surpassed. He focused his spiritual pressure...with explosive results. The huge container was violently blasted apart, releasing Amatsu's reiatsu like a beacon. The container was not meant to hold a shinigami whose reiatsu had reached such a point. Freeing himself, bursting through the floor of the building he had been trapped under, he was reunited with his family and friends who had thought him long dead. After being granted a break to be with his family, he went back to his family estate, and after a while, was named head of the Sansai clan, his birthright. He eventually resumed his former position under his long time friend, now Captain Hakufu, but it was quickly discovered that he was far, far stronger than his peers. He was tested for captaincy, and he passed with flying colors. He served as a captain with Hakufu for one hundred years before the previous captain-commander decided it was time for him to choose a successor, and ascend to the zero-division. It was close, but Amatsu was chosen over his peers for reasons known only to the previous captain-commander. He has since endeavored to fulfill the duties entailed by that position to perfection.

Family: Three brothers, two sisters, numerous cousins, uncles, aunts, etc...
Loyalties: Soul Society
Personal Items: Zanpakuto, gigai, portable gigai, a seal developed by the twelfth division that seals his reiatsu by a specified amount (usually 80, making his sp appear to be 120). It is destroyed when he enters Shikai or Bankai, a black reaitsu suppressing cloak from his days in the Omnitsukido.


Level: 100 (Captain-Commander)

Basic stats:

Stamina: 100/200
Power: 150/200
Speed: 150/200
Reiatsu: 200/200
Total: 600

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 80/100
Zanpaktou Mastery: 100/100
Kido Intelligence: 90/100
Shunpo Speed: 85/100
Total: 355


Techniques: Shunpo, Focus Reiatsu, Shikai, Bankai, Spell of Healing, Utsusemi, Senka, Reiatsu no Yoroi, Shunko


Hadou: Number 1: Shō (Thrust), Number 4: Byakurai (Pale Lightning), Number 11: Tsuzuri Raiden (Bound Lightning), Number 31: Shakkahō (Shot of Red Fire), Number 32: Ōkasen (Yellow Fire Flash), Number 33: Sōkatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down), Number 48: Gaki Rekkō (Raging Light Fang), Hado Number 54: Haien (Abolishing Flames), Number 58: Tenran (Orchid Sky), Hadou Number 63: Raikōhō (Thunder Roar Cannon), Number 73: Sōren Sōkatsui (Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down), Number 88: Hiryugekizokushintenraiho ( Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon), Number 90: Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin), Number 91: Senjū Kōten Taihō (Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear)
Bakudou: Number 1: Sai (Restrain), Number 4: Hanaiwa (Crawling Rope), Number 8: Seki (Repulse), Number 9: Geki (Strike), Number 21: Sekienton (Red Smoke Escape), Number 26: Kyokko (Curved Light), Number 30: Shisotsu Sansen (Piercing Triple Beam), Number 37: Tsuriboshi (Suspending Star), Number 39: Enkosen (Arc Shield), Number 44: Sekisho (Barrier), Number 58: Kakushitsuijaku (Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows), Number 61: Rikujoukourou (Six Rods Prison Light), Number 63: Sajo Sabaku (Locking Bondage Strips), Number 73: Tozansho (Inverse Mountain Crystal), Number 73: Kuyo Shibari (Nine Sunlight Traps), Number 75: Gochutekken (Quintet of 1 Ton Iron Pillars), Number 79: Hexagonal Barrier,Number 81: Danku (Splitting Void), Number 99: Kin (Seal), Number 99: Bankin (Great Seal)

Custom Kidou:

Custom Techniques: Kyokko, Kujiku Kizu, Ryuusei Kujiku Kizu, Gekiha Enko: Sora, Gekiha Enko: Bouseki Disku, Gekiha Enko: Koudo, Sekiyou, Quick Slash, Exceedingly Quick Slash, Sado Tougyo, Double Take, Triple Take, Kyouryokukou Amimono Tate, Hyakuken Tsuppari, Gouhei, Suisei


Zanpaktou Name: Sougyou no Tenjin
Zanpaktou Meaning: Heavenly gods of the Dawn
Zanpaktou Spirit:

Zanpaktou Realm: Changes appearances, but is usually a huge white city with golden clouds
Zanpakuto Type: Fire/Light
Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form:

"Illuminate the Heavens, burn the darkness away, and obliterate the unrighteous...Shine, Sougyou no Tenjin"


Sougyou no Tenjin's element seems to manifest as a golden fire reiatsu that continually arcs down the blade giving off intense light. The blade grows longer, and even more lethal looking. Sougyou no Tenjin's fire is said to burn with everlasting, unquenchable golden flames. The flames will burn as long as Amatsu wills them to, which is perhaps one of the most deadly aspects of Sougyou no Tenjin. The heat is intense, being close can cause harm. All flames from Sougyou no Tenjin are under Amatsu's directional control. Though other similar elemental zanpakuto may have the ability to project stronger, focused blasts of Reiatsu, Sougyou no Tenjin is unique in that its blasts of light and flame have a great deal of concussive force. In addition, the flames can be manipulated in certain powerful ways to make them enormously destructive, and inimical to spirit particals, having the ability to disrupt them and break them down into nothingness. (No combination of techniques from Shikai without the aid of another special ability can exceed 25sp).

Flame Projection- Sougyou no Tenjin can project fast moving sythes, blasts, shields, and barriers of golden flame and/or light to attack or defend with great effectiveness. Though Sougyou no Tenjin's Flame Projection is less powerful than other similar abilities, it can be combined with certain other abilities such as Karyuu for increased destructive potential, or Disruption in order to break down spiritual energy constructs.

SP- 5-15

Disruption- This ability of Sougyou no Tenjin's causes spirit particles that comes into contact with Sougyou no Tenjin, or its flame attacks to be disrupted and if not destroyed, serverly weakened. Disruption works by breaking down foreign spirit particles to nothingness, or assimilating them to make Sougyou no Tenjin's flames larger. Amatsu can sense when foreign reiatsu comes into contact with his swords, or spiritual energy (in any form) this way.

SP cost- Dependant on the force of the technique, but no higher than 10. Techniques of a greater soul power than Sougyou no Tenjin are able to disrupt will lose power in correlation to the amount of Soul Power used in the Disruption.

Karyuu (Swirling Current)- This technique allows Amatsu to create powerful swirling currents and drills of flame and light that gain incredible power. Sougyou no Tenjin's projections of flame and light carry inordinate concussive force due to very dense spirit particle structuring. Due to the intense drilling/swirling nature of the reiatsu when Karyuu is used, Flame Projection gains the ability to rip through most any other reiatsu based attack or defense of similar power. This ability can be used on the edge of his zanpakuto giving it much the same ability as the Quincy weapon Seele Schneider in terms of its ability to rip structures composed of spirit particles apart. Though Amatsu cannot subsequently absorb the spirit particles, the freed spirit particles have been known to make Sougyou no Tenjin's flames larger.

SP Cost- 10sp

Shining Redemption- Sougyou no Tenjin will shine brightly, which can blind those close by. Amatsu will see the world for what it really is, unclouded by illusion, be it physical or mental. Also, once per battle, the light of Redemption can be used to heal wounds (mental and physical), or the wounds of others if they are in close range to Amatsu, and if he allows it. It can heal large amounts of damage, but does not regrow limbs. Grants an extra 10 fighting posts once used, as physical energy would also be recharged.

SP Cost-15

Communion- After having reached a perfect relationship with his zanpakuto's spirit, to the point where he considers it no different than himself, as a part of his body, mind, and soul. When angered, he even occasionally refers to himself as "we", referring to himself and Ougonjidai, the spirit of Sougyou no Tenjin. Taking advantage of this perfect union, Amatsu was able to perfect this last of his Shikai techniques. Sougyou no Tenjin will disappate into rivulets of fiery light which will then flow into Amatsu's body. This act fundamentally changes the structure of his spirit being. He gains the ability to project and manipulate Sougyou no Tenjin's flames from his hands and body. Though the sword disappeares, he is able to generate replicas of Sougyou no Tenjin that have the same strength and durability as the original. His skin becomes as hard as his Zanpakuto had been as well as receiving a boost in the strength and speed statistics, similar to Shunko. However there is a cost. Amatsu's total fighting posts are reduced by 10 upon activation of this technique, and it can only remain active for 8 posts. It can be deactivated and reactivated twice.

SP Cost- 20 sp to initiate, 10 to form a sword
Stats Affected: Strength- +10, Speed- +10

Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form:


Sougyou no Tenjin must form back into it's solid, sword shikai appearance, negating all abilities that had been activated. When Amatsu activates his Bankai, an eruption of Reiatsu explodes from his blade that creates golden flames that swirl around him, basking everything in golden light like the sun. Amatsu's Bankai compresses all of Sougyou no Tenjin's energy into a Ring blade that functions like a boomerang, six strange wing-like blades that carry crushing force, as well as being lethally sharp, and two long sword like weapons at his shoulders that he can grip in two different places and that have superior cutting power. All of the blades are under Amatsu's control. He can fire each of the blades like cannonballs and they can launch at extreme speeds. When he does this it is called "Heaven's Judgement". It is not an actual technique, merely Amatsu using his precise degree of control over his weapons to make them deadly projectiles. When the weapons are blasted at opponents they have immense destructive power, which is amplified if Amatsu also chooses to supplement their power with Enhanced Flame Projection. They glow with raw golden light and trail flame as they travel through the air at incredible speeds that can be made amplified as Amatsu focuses. They each can perform every ability that the single blade shikai of Sougyou no Tenjin can, however certain abilities will have been enhanced due to the increased power of Bankai. In addition to the ability to generate more powerful versions of Shikai abilities, Sougyou no Tenjin also gains several unique abilities only achievable in Bankai.

Improved Shikai Abilities:

Enhanced Flame Projection- In Bankai Sougyou no Tenjin can project powerful, blindingly bright sythes, blasts, shields, and barriers of golden flame and/or light to attack or defend with great effectiveness. As in Shikai, this version of Flame Projection can be combined with Karyuu or Disruption for various effects.

SP- No more than 30sp can be used for Enhanced Flame Projection by itself. When combined with Karyuu, Disruption, or both, Amatsu can spend up to 40sp on this ability.

Bankai Skills:

Noble Eightfold Path- Seraphim


Amatsu begins to glow brightly with golden light, and suddenly up to eight immaculate, shining beings are formed around him from the light in a circle with the ability to assume the appearance (just apperance...not abilities...) of any person or thing they have seen, or create a unique appearance for themselves. The eight creatures are sentient, as intelligent as Amatsu is, and share thoughts (images included) and reiatsu with Amatsu. They each seem to carry a zanpakuto which can be released, however, this is simply them releasing the form of the weapon they were created from (i.e. six have wing blades, and two have katanas). They each have every ability that Amatsu himself has. Amatsu's ring blade is the only blade left to his use, and he usually uses the Communion technique with it, to increase his fighting ability. The Nobles can merge and part with Amatsu at any point. He divides a certain amount of his reiatsu among the creatures. Each creature can only fight for 15 posts.


Stamina/Endurance: 50/200
Power: 150/200
Speed: 150/200
Reiatsu: ???/200
Total: 350+ reiatsu (no more than 25 for each)

Zanjutsu Skill: 80/100
Zanpaktou Mastery: 100/100
Kido Intelligence: 90/100
Shunpo Speed: 85/100
Total: 355

SP Cost- 25 to activate

Golden Realm- Sougyou no Tenjin begins to shine, encasing Amatsu in a sphere, and then it rapidly expands in a flash of golden light becoming a huge sphere to fight opponents in. The Golden Realm is similar a pocket dimension that usually appears made entirely of swirling golden clouds with a gigantic sun in the sky. If the "sun" of the realm is destroyed, the realm itself is destroyed, and the combatants are released, though it takes an extremely powerful move to destroy it, one that exceeds the moves spiritual power. The realm is like a Negacion. It cannot be accessed from the outside, even by teleportation. The light disappeares when Amatsu has trapped his opponent, leaving only a large crater.

SP Cost- 25

Golden Sky- Amatsu will throw his ring blade into the air. The ring then emits golden clouds that swirl out at a high rate from the blade. The clouds swirl out in a hurricane formation, and continue to revolve slowly around blade which would look like a halo in the sky. The clouds arent harmful in any way, however, they allow the second part of the technique to be performed. Small, baseball sized flaming spheres of golden light begin to form in the swirling clouds, before unleashing a devastating hail of the energy spheres on a target that move at devastating speeds. Unfortunately for the opponent, the hail stones don't fall everywhere the clouds cover, they will barrage any spot that Amatsu focuses that spot is struck hundreds of times by small scale explosions when the spheres connect, causing a massive explosion. The point of focus changes as Amatsu concentrates, and the spheres will follow. The technique is extremely difficult to dodge, due to the changing focus point, and the explosions that occur when the spheres detonate. Most times, it is wise to simply block the technique. The technique can be performed more than once. When the technique ends the ring blade flies back into Amatsu's hand.

SP Cost- 35

Tenrai Shinsei- Amatsus most destructive Bankai technique to date. This creates a truely frightening amount of fire and light and produces a wildfire-like gigantic swirling clouds of fire and light of spirit-particle destroying golden light and flame that explodes into existance, destroying almost anything in the immediate vicinity, and sending a shockwave racing outwards. This explosion of Reiatsu is not manditory, and if the explodion method is used, the technique costs far more of Amatsu. In a less impressive activation of the ability, golden fire and light would swirl around Amatsu as he utters the name of the technique, either by thought or out loud and a wildfire of golden fire and light would spread across the area at a fast speed. Amatsu can also dissipate himself into gigantic clouds of fire and light as his entire essence and every bit of soul power he possesses is converted into it, accounting for its impressive size. This causes the wildfire to be utterly gargantuan, and Amatsu is now one with the entire form of this Bankai technique. His degree of control over his flames becomes frighteningly precise, being able to manipulate every single particle of the wildfire to his will from a distance. Amatsu can reform his body from this at any point, as long as enough of the flame is left to equal his body area. He is indistinguishable from his other flame attacks in this form.

SP cost- 45 (with explosion) 30 (wildfire)

Seikoki - Holy Light Energy is a technique Amatsu uses when all else fails. He concentrates every ounce of his Soul Power into his body and zanpakuto. All nine of his weapons converge into a large zanpakuto that has a halo like ring for a hilt that constantly glows with an intense golden light. Amatsu grows six pairs of golden wings, also made of light. It is at this stage, that his attacks gain such power that it can completely annihilate anything but a defense or move tailor-made to fight or defend against a techique of such power and magnitude. His speed statistic is increased by 20 as well as Power. However, his fighting posts are reduced by half whenever this ability is activated. He is then surrounded by a shield that is impregnable to all but attacks of Soul Power equivalent this technique. Such power is not without its drawbacks, however. He can last at maximum 5 turns in this form. The form can be deactivated and reactivated two times.

SP Cost- 50sp

xXRoleplay SampleXx

This doesnt need to be done unless your are applying for a high rank (level 50, or 70), then the mods will need for you to do this. However if the mods are familar with your rp skill then this will not be neccesary. Three paragraph miniumum.
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PostSubject: Re: Sansai Amatsu (Sotaicho)   Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:42 pm

scary...but appropriate for the Captain Commander. Good to have you back...approved.

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Sansai Amatsu (Sotaicho)
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