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 Tenrai Raiden

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PostSubject: Tenrai Raiden   Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:44 pm

xXGeneral InformationXx


Name: Tenrai Raiden
Alias: The Storm of the Seireitei, The Tempest
Visual/Suggested Age: 20's
Actual Age: 527
Gender: Male
Looks: Tenrai stands at an average 5'11. With his height he has a little more than an average body. He is slightly muscular but is much stronger than he seems. His complexion is slightly paler than usually but it is pretty close to being fair. He has wavy hair, long enough to almost reach the end of his neck in the back and his bangs almost can cover his eyes on the front. He has blue eyes with a strong grey tint. Due to him being a captain, Tenrai wears the standard Taicho-attire. His zanpakuto is strapped to his side, like most other shinigami. Tenrai often looks sad or as if he is trying, however thats just a normal look he might give off. He often as a cool calm look to him, but said looks can change very quickly.
Division: Captain of the 8th Division

xXPersonal InformationXx

Personality: Tenrai is a normally calm and collected person. He appreciates nature and often doesnt like those who destroys it. He likes sitting in the rain and watching it, which some think is odd. He does this, because it helps him remain calm or he uses it as a special way of venting. He is polite and seems extremely kind. However he can have a temper when provoked. However he seems to have some control over himself. He is still reletively young compared to some of the other captains however he fights to show his strength. Tenrai is extremely intellegent for his age, even having an eiditic memory, which is why he is good for his division.

Likes: Nature, Storms, Precipitation (Rain Especially), The sound of rain, thunder, lightning, peace
Dislikes: Those who destroy the peace, Those who harm nature, those who dont appreciate things, loud people, selfish people, cruel/sadistic people
Code: "Protect what you can with everything you have..."

~Human Arc~
Born as Aiden Cohen, Tenrai was a peaceful intellegent child. Young Aiden was extremely playful and loved to go out on adventures. When he was the age of eight, little Aiden walked off after school one day and disappeared in a nearby park in his town. The park had a miniature woods inside of it and there little Aiden was lost. It wasnt long before his parents noticed that he was missing and reported the disappearance to the attorities. Aiden was walked in the woods when it began to rain. As time past the rain grew worst until it became a thunder storm. Aiden was now scared and he tried to run back home. On the way back home Aiden tripped and grazed his knee. He began crying and while this happened a bolt of lightning came ground and crashed into young Aiden, killing him instantly. It wasnt until an hour later than his dead body was found. The lightning didnt burn him terribly and something that was noticed was although he was dead he was still crying.

~Rebirth and Training~
As a soul lost in the forest, Aiden's ghost oftened cried at night which was later reported as a strange sound that came from the park, causing less and less people to go to it. As the cries grew louder Hollows slowly began being attracted to the town and people started dying. Soul Reapers investigated and dispatched of the hollows in the area. They found little Aiden binded to the area where he died and cleansed his soul and sent him on his way to the Soul Society. Once there Aiden began a new life, completely forgetting the previous one. He became Tenrai Raiden. Uniquely the way he died effected his personality and later his zanpaktou. Tenrai grew very close with storms and when he was training in the Shinigami Academy, he favored Kidou relating to storm like elements. When he attained his zanpaktou it wasnt much surprise that it was storm related. Tenrai graduated the academy with flying colors and was admitted into the 6th division. In his time in the 6th Division, he ranked up from 9th seat to 3rd seat and attained a very powerful and unique Shikai.

~Tempest of the Soul Society~
Several decades after being promoted to 3rd seat of the 6th Division, Tenrai mastered his Shikai and grew incredibly strong. He was then promoted to Lt. of the 6th Division. After his promotion, Tenrai began serious mental and physical training. After several years of mastering his skills and being intune with his zanpaktou he unlocked his bankai. Due to how long he trainined, he grew acustomed to it rather quickly and developed it in a matter of days after he unlocked it. He then applied to become the Captain of the 8th Division and after showing his intellect through countless test as well as proving his strength, determination and loyalty, he was promoted to captain of the 8th Division. After giving a demonstration of his Bankai he was nicknamed the Tempest of the Soul Society and now he still holds the rank of Captain of the 8th Division and his alias still holds true to this very day.
Family: Parents are Both Deceased, 2 Younger Siblings, both sisters
Loyalties: Soul Society, Captain Commander, Himself
Personal Items: Zanpaktou, Locket


Level: 70

Basic stats:

Stamina: 100/200
Power: 100/200
Speed: 110/200
Reiatsu: 110/200
Total: 420

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 65/100
Zanpaktou Mastery: 70/100
Kido Intelligence: 65/100
Shunpo Speed: 65/100
Total: 265


Shunpo, Focus Reiatsu, Shikai, Bankai, Reiatsu no Yoroi



Hadou Number 1 - Shō (衝, Thrust)
Hadou Number 4 - Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning)
Hadou Number 11- Tsuzuri Raiden (製本電, Bound Lightning)
Hadou Number 32 - Ōkasen (黄火閃, Yellow Fire Flash)
Hadou Number 33 - Sōkatsui (蒼火墜, Blue Fire, Crash Down)
Hadou Number 58 - Tenran (闐嵐, Orchid Sky)
Hadou Number 63 - Raikōhō (雷吼炮, Thunder Roar Cannon)

Bakudou Number 1 - Sai (塞, Restrain)
Bakudou Number 8 - Seki (斥, Repulse)
Bakudou Number 9 - Geki (撃, Strike)
Bakudou Number 26 - Kyokko (曲光, Curved Light)
Bakudou Number 30 - Shitotsu Sansen (嘴突三閃, Beak-Piercing Triple Beam)
Bakudou Number 39 - Enkosen (円閘扇, Arc Shield)
Bakudou Number 61 - Rikujōkōrō (六杖光牢, Six Rods Prison of Light)
Bakudou Number 62 - Hyapporankan (百歩欄干, Hundred Steps Fence)
Bakudou Number 63 - Sajo Sabaku (鎖条鎖縛, Locking Bondage Stripes)

Custom Kidou: None Currently
Custom Techniques: None Currently


Zanpaktou Name: Enrai Arashi
Zanpaktou Meaning: "Distance Thunder Tempest"
Zanpaktou Spirit:
Tenrai and his zanpaktou spirit have a very strong bond. Tenrai would often talk with his zanpaktou spirit and mediate in order to train in his zanpaktou realm, or further understand his sword more. She look as as she does in the picture, the only difference is that she has blonde hair. Her personality is similar to that of Tenrai's however when she gets angry she can snap quickly as well as go back to normal quickly.
Zanpaktou Realm:
Enrai Arashi's realm is several floating islands in the sky. Below these islands are grey stormy clouds and above the islands is a bright blue sky, with a sun. Enrai Arashi (The Zanpaktou Spirit Herself), as the ability to manipluate the enviroment of this realm, making it into anything she practically wants, usually stormy.
Zanpakuto Type: Lightning
Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form:
Release Phrase : Let the Sky be your Shield and the Clouds your Sword, Enrai Arashi
After he states his swords shikai phrase his zanpaktou will transform into a dagger shaped weapon only longer. This blade has several abilities. However the blade itself is also unique, giving it lightning rod properties, allowing for Tenrai to absorb and fire lightning if he is able to generate it.

Cloud Creation
One of its abilities is to form grey clouds on the blade extending to the blades midsection to make sure that cloud doesnt reach Tenrai. This grey cloud is constantly sparking, showing that inside of it is a strong electric current, or pure lightning. When Tenrai enters Shikai one of these clouds will form over the sword instantly without a reaitsu payment, however afterwards in order to create these clouds it would cost 8sp. These clouds stay on the blade until either it is released or it meets a technique of equal or greater strength, causing the cloud to merely disappear. When objects are hit with the blade while it is surrounded by the cloud, the object will be throughly shocked as if struck by lightning. Like normal electricity, these shocks can travel through water and some metals.

Cloud Projection
Another ability of these blade is to release the clouds causing the clouds to leave the blade and extend up to 50 meters. When the grey cloud extends is continues to spark, however these sparks are harmless. On Tenrai's command however, the cloud will emit a strong blast of lightning, severly shocking and burning anything inside of the cloud, and particially shocking and paralizing anything within 25 meters of its outside radius. (15-20sp). Motions of the sword can cause the cloud to move. A unique property of these clouds are since they hold lightning they are capable of attracting lightning and if fired into the atmosphere can cause actual thunderstorms.

Lightning Projection
The final ability of these blade is to fire blasts of lightning from the blade itself (sp amount minimum is 5, maximum is 20). Like lightning these blast set ablaze on anything they touch. Once the lightnign crashes into its intended target, it will burn, shock as well as blow back the target, making a thunder sound and leaving a trail of fire in its tracks.

Instant Storm
Tenrai will simply raise his hand and the sky above them will grow dark and it will begin raining. One the turn it is summoned, thunder will roar and the sky will spark with lightning. As the turns progress the storm grows larger and more powerful. The storm will last as long as Tenrai is concious and seems to be a reflection of his own spiritual energy. When he enters Bankai, the storm will increase drastically in size and lightning will crash down as well as thunder booms occuring more frequently. (20sp)

Lightning Strike
Once a cloud above has generated enough lightning, Tenrai will lift his sword and bring it down causing it to rain lightning. With his sword he would be able to guide and control the lighting bringing it to his opponent. This will last for 2 turns (15sp)

Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form: After entering bankai, Tenrai will gain two of his previous swords, and this time they will be golden. These blades have all of the shikais abilities, and because he possess two blades, he can use double the attack power and distance of each attack without adding on to the sp count, by dividing the strengthened attack into the two blades.

Storm Creation
These blades can generate stronger bolts of lightning and when clouds generated from the blades (as stated in the shikai) are fired into the sky, they can generate powerful thunderstorms quickly (20sp).

Heat Control
The blades of these swords naturally emit tremendous heat, causing the blades to be extremely hot, however these heats dont go past the middle of the blade and as long as they remain in Tenrai's hands the heat is controlled. Once out of Tenrai's hand, the sword will emit heat all over it, causing the temperature of the surrounding area to get noticeable hotter. Because of this at the end of each sword will be a long red scarf like object that has the ability to repel heat. With that scarf, Tenrai is able to grap onto his sword again and control the heat, causing the blade to immediately cool down.

Lightning Supremacy
These swords are also lightning rods able to absorb any type of electricity,reaitsu based lightning or natural lightning and store it for future use. The swords can attract Lightning like a magnet when called, brining the lightning onto the blade. If absorbed into the swords, lightning absorbed can be released at any time without Tenrai actually being in contact with the blade, and the method of it being released can vary, either being in a blast or a shockwave. These swords can also absorb lightning based attacks and convert them into reaitsu to replenish Tenrai's reaitsu (absorbs half the reaitsu and adds it to Tenrai's). Along with that, Tenrai cannot be harmed by any of his own lightning techniques, or natural lightning. His body itself becomes a rod and he is able to absorb, aim and fire lightning from his body without harming himself in anyway.

A bolt of lightning will fire down from the sky and hit the ground summoning a beast resembling the mythical creature the Chimera. Either one or four Chimeras would be summoned. The Chimera is capable of fighting and possesses the following stats :

Stamina: 5/200
Power: 150/200
Speed: 150/200
Reiatsu: 50/200

Four Chimeras :

Stamina: 10/200
Power: 100/200
Speed: 100/200
Reiatsu: 25/200

The Chimera is capable of firing blast of lightning from its mouth, ranging in power (5-25sp), and is capable of flight. Once out of Reiatsu the Chimera will fade away..(50sp)

Lightning Mastery
A bolt of lightning will fire down from the sky and hit Tenrai. Tenrai will then glow off a golden aura. This form will last for 3 turns. While in this form he gains the current stat boost, +25 Speed, +25 Power. However in return for this boost he loses 20 stamina points. When in this form, Tenrai can generate lightning from his body himself, firing blast that equal up to 10sp. After the 3rd turn, Tenrai will revert back into his Shikai, unable to use Bankai for the remainder of the fight. (50sp)

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Tenrai Raiden
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