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 The Plot ~Comming Soon~

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PostSubject: The Plot ~Comming Soon~   Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:43 pm

Site Plot:

For years the trinity of worlds in the Bleach universe had been at peace. However now mysterious events are happening in all three worlds, hollows, Shinigami, and even humans are getting killed, caught in the crossfire. Hueco Mundo is in chaos, caught up in a civil war the likes of which has never been seen. Legions of hollows have been gathered by three of the most powerful Vastro Lorde that have ever existed and are massacring each other on a daily basis. They are locked in a fierce power struggle, and no matter who wins, in the end, all three worlds could lie in ruins. Arrancar are holed up in the ruins of Las Noches, seeming waiting to side with whoever comes out on top. The Vizards are resurfacing, gathering for some cause as yet unrevealed, and somehow, a sect of humans have learned of the existence of the two spirit worlds and are developing technology to fight hollows...and shinigami alike. Though the vast majority of humans still remain oblivious, it has become treacherous for Shinigami visiting the human world. The humans seem to be lead by a dark, mysterious figure from Soul Society's distant past, one who was thought long dead. With his help, the human world is preparing to launch an all out offensive against both worlds, and with their numbers and weapons of unimaginable destructive potential they could annihilate the balance between the worlds, forever. The Shinigami are confused, being attacked on multiple fronts. Their forces are spread thin, and despite all their military might, they may not survive the onslaught. If they don't receive aid, and quickly, they may be unable to keep their heads above the water as the tide turns against them. Multiple factions are gearing up for war, and each has it's own goals and agendas...which side will you choose?


Beneath are the various factions Seireitei a Bleach RPG offers. In the end, the side with the most characters will probably come out on top. If you join one of the below factions, your character(s) will each have many things to do, and the chance to decide the overall outcome of your faction. Each character is important. You do NOT have to be a particular race to join a particular faction. You can create a shinigami, for instance, in the human world faction.

NPCs: The mods will occasionally be using NPCs to lead one or another of the factions for storyline continuity. They aren't meant to be actual characters, and will not be used as such. All such profiles will be made with the purpose of being strong, but they are simply obstacles that your characters are meant to overcome. Most of the NPC profiles are scripted to die at one point or another in the storyline.

Soul Society:

Human World:

Hollows/Arrancar: Closed

Quincy: Closed

Vizard: Closed

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The Plot ~Comming Soon~
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