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 Mission info

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PostSubject: Mission info   Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:20 pm

To receive a mission, all you have to do is find a Captain, or a Vice-Captain character within your division (or a supervisor for academy students) and ask to be assigned to a mission. You can also be conscripted for missions, i.e. a Captain or Vice-Captain can track down subordinates and have them perform missions at any point in time. In a mission, a Captain or Vice-Captain can ask you to do things ranging from cleaning the barracks, to performing a soul burial on a plus, to demolishing a group of hollows in the human world. The mission-giver has the right to assign time limits, and generally any other fair stipulation they desire. Should you fail a mission, you will not receive the reward for doing it in MOST circumstances. Once a mission is completed, you are to make an update in the Updates board. The rewards for missions are up to the discretion of the person who assigned it to you, and the mod who reviews your update. You will know what reward you receive at the end of every mission. The mission's rewards will be scaled according to the difficulty of the mission, and how professionally it was executed (i.e. well-written and meaningful posts that show detailed thought, and good rping sportsmanship.)
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Mission info
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