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 Custom Kido Combinations

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Red Horizon

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PostSubject: Custom Kido Combinations   Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:45 pm

Name: Gouhei
Type: Kido Combination
Description: This is one of Amatsu's original techniques, taking inspiration from Yoruichi's powerful Shunko technique which combined the power of Kidou Spells with hand to hand combat. This technique produces a similar effect.  Upon activation, the user's zanpakuto will glow. Instead of combining kido with hand to hand combat, Gouhei combines Kidou spells with Zanpakto Mastery and skill, granting a large increase in battle power as well as the ability to perform Kidou spells in conjunction with one's zanpakuto spirit, meaning that there are effectively two users of the kido comnining their power into one. This is necessary, because when fighting by wielding the sword with two hands for an increase in slash power, it eleminates the user's ability to focus, aim, and use Kidou as effectively. All normal kidou rules apply, however the spirit can recite incantations along with Amatsu, or alone. Only Amatsu of course will hear the incantation, and so the incantation is hidden from the opponent. This technique effectively doubles the power of all of Amatsu's kido by increasing the amount of SP he is able to devote to the move. This technique can also be used to imbue Hado or bakudo into objects the zanpakuto comes into contact with and hide them from sensing abilities until they are about to be activated.


Requirements: 100 in Zanpakuto Mastery
Stats Affected: None
Cost: 15sp to activate
Words to Train: 1000

Name: Suisei (Comet)
Type: Kido Combination
Description: This is a powerful technique that combines Amatsu's Shikai abilities with Hadou, creating a projectile attack that is extremely powerful, and is potentially Amatsu's most powerful offensive attack, as it supplements the power of his Shikai and Bankai attacks with an added destructive Kido. Amatsu will first slash Sougyou no Tenjin, causing flames to flow from the blade forming an arc of fire and light in front of Amatsu that opponents would most likely assume to be a shield, or some sort of screen at first.  Amatsu can then use one of the following Hadou: 31, 33, 54, 63 (both), or 88. The arc of fire in front of Amatsu would then blanket the Kido as it seared its way to destroy its target, making the attack look like a comet, with a Kido for a nucleus, and golden light and flame for its coma trailing a tail of the same composition. This is where this beautiful, yet deadly attack earned its name. It is a perfect synthesis of kido based Zanpakuto abilities and Hado.

Requirements: None
Stats Affected: None
Words to Train: 200

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PostSubject: Re: Custom Kido Combinations   Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:06 pm


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Custom Kido Combinations
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