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 A few Kidou

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PostSubject: A few Kidou   Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:44 pm

Name: Bakudo Number 60: Draining Shield
Type: Bakudo
Description: Bakudo number 60 draining shield is a kidou Hakufu made. Hakufu will raise his hand as a rounded shield that protects him from all angles absorbs any Hado spells level 60 and lower. The shield can't protect Hakufu if he Hado spell is above 60. The shield also have the added effect to also absorb half the Hado reiastu cost and supply Hakufu with it before dispelling. The shield is a bright round shield.
Incantation: None
Level: 60
Cost: 20
Words to Train: 750
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A few Kidou
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