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 Shinko Hantaisha

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PostSubject: Shinko Hantaisha   Sat Jun 19, 2010 5:27 pm

xXGeneral InformationXx


Name: Shinko Hantaisha
Alias: The Traitor, God of the Flash Step, Habringer of Darkness, Prince of Darkness
Visual/Suggested Age: Mid Twenties
Actual Age: 1500
Gender: Male
Looks: Despite the fact that you have a picture you need to fill this out.
Division: Former Captain of the 2nd Division, Now Leader of Rogues

xXPersonal InformationXx

Likes: What your character likes.
Dislikes: What your character dislikes.
Code: What's your characters morals, what do they live by or live for.

~A Beginning~
Shinko was born into the infamous Hantaisha Clan, which was a notorious underground noble family in the Soul Society several centuries ago. Shinko was born as the first son of the clan leader, thus he was destined to be the next one in charge of the clan. Known for being excellent assassins as well as thieves, Shinko was taught much at a young age. How to pickpocket, steal, cover his tracks, anything a future thief and assassin would need to know. However a young Shinko was a curious child. He wanted to know what else was out their besides the underground world, which was all he knew at the time. He developed a strong sense of justice and morals which was strange for him. Along with his training he did a lot of studying at a young age.The Young Shinko had a very high intellect and became very clever and crafty. However he felt like he didn't belong with his family, he felt destined for something greater. These thoughts continued to haunt him during his childhood.

~Honor Among Thieves~
Shinko's family was wanted for numerous thefts, assults and other crimes and when Shinko discovered this he decided to use this to his advantage. He fled from his family's hidden home and went to the Soul Society where he reported and gave the location for the Hantaisha Household. There was a huge battle between the Seireitei and the Gotei 13 and in the end, the entire family was massacred, leaving Shinko the sole member of the entire clan. Shinko had no regrets and decided he would decide his fate from this point on, and he would change the Hantaisha name into something much greater. Before the house and hideout were destroyed Shinko took all of his familys belongings and treasures and hid them, the only thing he kept on his person was a long scarlet red scarf that leaders of the Hantaisha clan wore. Now in control of his own destiny, Shinko decided he would join the Gotei 13.

~Different from the Others~
From his first day in the Shinigami Academy, it was obvious Shinko was different. He had developed and unusual, powerful and dark reaitsu. Due to his previous training he was brighter than the others and much more talented, especially in the fields of HoHo and Zanjutsu. With no home, Shinko often lived in the academy grounds. In his sleep however he had dreams and he couldnt control his reaitsu. The area around him would constantly light on a dark fire. Shinko quickly gained his zanpaktou and graduated the academy with flying colours. He was admitted into the 2nd Division immediately due to his skills and was placed as 10th Seat.

~Into the Ranks~
Now within the 2nd Division, Shinko was surrounded by people who were just like him. They were fast, stealthy and dangerous, and Shinko seemed to fit in just fine. However Shinko still wished to excel, he didnt want to be average, he wanted to be the best. He worked on what he was already talented in, and developed his Shikai. As Shinko's powers became more under control and he developed he was admitted into the Omitsukidou. He was also promoted to 5th Seat of the 2nd Division.

~Life of an Assassin~
Now within the Omitskidou, Shinko began doing what he was born to do, be an assassin. He seemed more comfortable with his new posistion and he did well with it. He often fought without releasing his shikai, using sheer speed and cunning to dispatch his enemies. This led to his promotion to the 3rd seat of the 2nd Division and Co-Leader in the Omitsukidou. During this time he recieved the reaitsu surpressing cloak.

~Ascending the Ranks~

~Beginning a Legacy~

~Training under the Sotaicho~



~Execution and Escape~

Family: All Deceased.
Loyalties: Himself.
Personal Items: Zanpaktou, Gigai, Portable Gigai, Reaitsu Suppression Clothing (Made from the Cloak he recieved while in the 2nd Division), Hantaisha Family Scarlet Scarf



Basic stats:

Stamina: 100/200
Power: 150/200
Speed: 180/200
Reiatsu: 170/200
Total: 600

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 80/100
Zanpaktou Mastery: 90/100
Kido Intelligence: 95/100
Shunpo Speed: 90/100
Total: 355


Hadou: Any Hadou your character knows. You must list the Kidou Name and Number.
Bakudou: Any Bakudou your character knows. You must like the Kidou Name and Number.

Custom Kidou: If your character knows any custom Kidou list it here.
Custom Techniques: Any custom techniques your character knows besides Kidou.


Zanpaktou Name: Makura
Zanpaktou Meaning: Total Darkness
Zanpaktou Spirit: A picture or description of your zanpaktou spirit.
Zanpaktou Realm: A picture or description of your zanpaktou realm.
Zanpakuto Type: Darkness, Fire
Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form:
Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form:

"Come, walk with me into that deeper darkness. A place where desires become dreams and dreams become reality."
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Shinko Hantaisha
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