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 Thorn Darkrose

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Thorn Darkrose


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PostSubject: Thorn Darkrose   Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:57 am

xXGeneral InformationXx


Name: Thorn Darkrose
Alias: Love or Mana
Visual/Suggested Age: 17
Actual Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: she has short black hair that is dyed green on the end of her hair, emerald green eyes, pail skin and dark red lips, she wears a black top that the straps cross at the front and ties at the back of her neck, a black long skirt, white socks and a white belt, sandals, white and black sleeves and a sword on her sash.
Division: 8th division, 5th seat.

xXPersonal InformationXx

Personality: Thorn is caring, strong-willed, kind, friendly and smart, she tries to use the best of her ability's and strengths, when she can she tries to avoid fighting, if her friends or team mats are in trouble she'll try to them, if some one dose some thing wrong she tries to them correct there wrong or she tries to bring them to justice, she tries to do what's right even if she dose some thing wrong, if she dose some thing wrong she tries to make it up and she learns fron her mistakes, she also tries to learn as much as she can.
Likes: she likes to read, play games, hang out with her friends, train and study
Dislikes: she hates people who brace rules for fun, bullies, cruel people and seeing her friends/team mats sad, beat up or seeing them in trouble
Code: fight for the ones you love but never for your self
History:she as born in a smell village where she grow up, her mouther passed away when she was 2 years old and her father abandoned her when she was 5 years old, her and her friends grow up looking after each other, she used to try to earn money but when her and her friends had no other option they stole food and water to serve, when she was 8 years old her best friend died, he was very ill and Thorn didn't earn enough money to get the medicine he needed.

after her friend died-ed she told her other friends she'd become a soul reaper to get the money to keep them safe but they just laughed at her and said she was too weak, she went off and trained as hard as she could and studied as hard as she could to get into the academy, one day when she was training her friends got them selfs into trouble and a man was beating her friend May, her friend Jack ran to Thorn and told her what happed, when she got there she stopped the man so May could get away, Thorn only defended her friends as they ran away.

Thorn got badly hurt and be the time her friends got back to the man was gone so her friends got Thorn home and get her back to full heath, after that they helped her train, when she got hurt she kept training, her friends werehappy to see that Thorn meant what she said before about being a soul reaper, when she was 10 two years after she started training she got into the academy, she worked and studied hard and finally became a soul reaper when she was 17.
Family: mother: Aimi Darose (deceased) father: Mick Darkrose (unknown)
Loyalties: she is loyal to her friends, tea mats and the captains
Personal Items: she wears a black rose necklace that's not shown just hidden in her top


Battles: 10

Fights Won:7
Fights Lost:3

Missions Completed: 10

Successful:6 (cleaning the barracks X3, demolishing a group of hollows X3)
Failures:4 (demolishing a group of hollows X2, cleaning the barracks X2)

Level: 30

Basic stats:

Stamina:50 /200
Power: 50/200
Speed: 50/200
Reiatsu: 50/200
Total: 200

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 35/150
Zanpaktou Mastery: 35/150
Kido Intelligence: 35/150
Shunpo Speed: 35/150
Total: 150


Hadou: Hado Number 4: Byakurai (Pale Lightning)
Bakudou: Bakudo Number 1: Sai (Restrain) and Bakudo Number 4: Hanaiwa (Crawling Rope)

Custom Kidou: none

Custom Techniques: none


Zanpaktou Name: Hana
Zanpaktou Meaning: Bud - Blossom
Zanpaktou Spirit:
Zanpaktou Realm:
Zanpakuto Type: it's a earth type (that's why it's mainly flowers)
Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form: it's relies sentence is "Hana come forth and bloom", in this from Hana has a forked blade and a rose patten on it, this allows you to hit your opponent 2 times in 1 strike and the rose patten can glow in the dark to allow the user to see the enemy but only the user can see the anomalous glow of Hana
Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form: haven't achieved bankai yet

xXRoleplay SampleXx

Thorn was on a walk in the woods, it was a nice day with the bards singing and the sun shining, she found a lake and sat by it it's a nice day today she thought to her self as she looked around, she toke off her sandals and socks then dangled her feet in the water, she then lied back and looked at the sky.

After a while Thorn yawned and sat up, it was starting to get dark i better head home she thought as it was getting darker, she toke her feet out of the water then put her socks and sandals back on and got up, she followed the path back to her home, when she got there one of her friends were standing out side of it.

Thorn walked over to her friend and said "hi May, long time no see" her friend turn and replied "hi Thorn, ye, how are you?" Thorn smiled and said "i'm fine, would you like to come in may?" May nodded and Thorn opened the door, they went in and sat down and May asked "how's your training going?" so Thorn replied "it's alright, i'm doing well in my training" May smiled and looked out the window then said "it's getting late, i'll head home, i just came over to see how you were doing" Thorn nodded and said "alright, bye May" May said her good bye and left, after May when home Thorn got changed and went to bed.

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Red Horizon

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Darkrose   Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:07 am

Hello Thorn, and welcome to Seireitei a Bleach RPG.

I like your profile, (especially your zanpakuto, realm included). Its originality is impressive.

However there are just a couple of things that need to be fixed:

1. I'm giving you credit for your character's personality as your zanpakuto realm picture is stretching the profile a little bit. But we do have a minimum length requirement for your history, and that is three paragraphs of descent length.

2. Your level and stats. We only have a few starting levels here on Seireitei, and they are 1, 30, 50, and 70. Levels 50 and 70 are lieutenant and Captain level respectively, and you would need to submit a formal request in the Questons & Requests board to apply for that. You wouldn't need to do that for level 1, which is the basic starting level. However, since you've included an rp sample, which is only necessary if you begin at level 30 or above, I'm assuming you are applying for a higher rank.

If you want to start your character off at level 1, you have 150 points to distribute across basic stats, and 100 points to distribute across your sub stats. Also, characters that begin at level 1 will be significantly stronger in terms of stats than characters who begin higher in the end.

If you want to start your character off at level 30, you get 200 points to distribute across basic stats, and 150 points to distribute across your sub stats. You would also need a roleplay sample, but I see you've already done that Smile

As for the Division, Im assigning you to the 8th division, 5th seat.

That's all for now, fix those things and you will be approved. Welcome again, and I look forward to rping with you. If you need further assistance with your profile, feel free to pm me.

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Thorn Darkrose


Posts : 44
Join date : 2010-06-21
Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: Thorn Darkrose   Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:46 pm

ok, i updated my info and thanks for welcoming me and for the complement ^-^
you know Hana is a real Japanese name that really dose mean bud-bloom
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Red Horizon

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Darkrose   Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:25 pm

Your welcome.

On the stats, you've got the level right, but your stats still need some work to make them fit your level.

You have 200 points to distribute across your basic stats, and 150 to distribute across your sub stats. This means that this section:

Should have much greater values than are presented. Your total for Basic stats should be 200, not 40, and the same goes for sub stats.

In addition, this isn't really a problem, but simply something you might want to be aware of. Does your Shikai have any special techniques or abilities? If not, it's fine, but if so, you can have up to 3. If you want to train up your abilities in the rp, then be aware that it takes 500 words to train each new technique you want to add to your sword.

Also, you have 2 kido listed, but you can have up to 5.
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Thorn Darkrose


Posts : 44
Join date : 2010-06-21
Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: Thorn Darkrose   Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:52 pm

kk, updated it, i'm just going to stick with a few kidos and no ability
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Red Horizon

Posts : 88
Join date : 2010-04-05

PostSubject: Re: Thorn Darkrose   Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:05 pm

You can start rping, however your sub stats total out to 160, rather than 150. Sorry for the trouble, however you need to reduce your sub stats by ten points.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Darkrose   

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Thorn Darkrose
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