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 Free-Fall Combat

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PostSubject: Free-Fall Combat   Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:44 am

Name: Free-Fall Style

Type: Combat Style

Description: Its a self taught style of combat that involves close ranging fighting when in free fall; i.e. jumping off a cliff and falling straight down. In the Shinigami world this style of combat is almost useless as they use reiatsu in combination with Shunpo to stay a float in the air however in times of certain distress and lack of reiatsu this form of combat may be useful. most techniques and abilities will work in this style of combat, the exceptions being skills that require push or pull as you are locked in free-fall there is nothing to ground yourself to. Short bursts of reiatsu against a solid object or wall will propel you to the side but jumping higher or using an object to force yourself down faster is improbable (2% chance of it working). If you are near a wall/cliffside it can be allowed as a contact point that will give you 75% strength of your attack, otherwise all other attacks when useing motion are decreased to 25% when using your body or 50% when using another object in free fall, i.e. debris. You can use Launching to put your opposition into a free fall.
Requirements: There are no requirements to use the Style, however

Stats Affected: When in Free Fall The following occurs - Speed= -75%
Power= -25-75% (depending on attacks used)

Cost: This Style uses no Reiatsu and is automatically used when a character enters Free Fall State

Words to Train: If using in conjunction with another Style- 1000 words
If learning as your starting Style- 2000 words
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Red Horizon

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PostSubject: Re: Free-Fall Combat   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:38 pm

Hm. Interesting idea. However on this site you do not have to expend actual reiatsu to utilize hohō, which is the exact ability you were referring to. Therefore I wonder if you believe this style would be worthwhile? I can't think of a situation in which your character, or any other's, would not be able to use hoho to get leverage in the air. From reading this style, I would assume you want to prevent a situation in which your character would be unable to react to certain threats when in free fall, hence the name I suppose. However since I can't think of a situation in which any character besides perhaps a human character would be unable to fight efficiently in free-fall, I don't know if it has any purpose in this rpg.

That said I do like the originality shown, and it does make sense. I also understand why you would want something like this for your character. Read up on the systems and figure out whether something like this is absolutely necessary. If you still believe it is necessary know that this move only applies to your character and you should not expect the principals you've outlined here apply to other characters unless they learn the style as well. In addition, I see no reason why you should have to type so many words to learn this. You may reduce the word count if you want.
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Free-Fall Combat
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