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 Hoshimaru Matsumori

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PostSubject: Hoshimaru Matsumori   Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:53 pm

xXGeneral InformationXx

Name: Hoshimaru Matsumori
Alias: Hoshi, Matsu, or Matsu-Matsu
Visual/Suggested Age: 17
Actual Age: 117
Gender: Male
Looks: Hoshimaru is a dark-skinned with dark brown eyes and short blue hair, which is usually longer. He stands at 5'3 and has a lithe build. He has a scar under his left eye and wears the standard shinigami uniform with a pair of black fingerless gloves
Division: 2nd Division 3rd Seat and Corps Commander of the Detention Unit , formerly 9th Division, 4th Seat

xXPersonal InformationXx

Personality: Hoshimaru is kind, passionate, and generally a good guy, but doesn’t take shit from nobody and came be mistaken as a cold-hearted and manipulative jerk. He puts his training and those he is loyal to above everything else and strives to greatly outdo everybody at everything by any means. His competitive side makes him appear slightly naive when he doesn’t achieve what he wants and is sometimes almost depicted in a childish way with a very short temper. from time to time, he looks and sounds emotionless.
Likes: People he can trust, a great challenge, spicy foods, and candy
Dislikes: Samurai, Lies, and bitter candy
Code: Be as swift as the winds, and stealthy as the night
~Past Life~
Born in a family of four, Hoshimaru the quickest learner. He began Quincy training at the age of 4 and easily caught up with his older sister. At the age of 10, his parents died and they were adopted by family that teaches ninjutsu, Hoshimaru caught on quick and began to mix it with his quincy training. For years Hoshimaru and his sister would sneak out and kill hollows. One day, they snuck out and encountered a Menos Grande. They managed to force the hollow to flee but not before it kill Hoshimaru in the process.

~After Life~
Being assigned to Rukon District 79, Hoshimaru retained some memories of his past and struggled to survive. After making it for a few years, Hoshimaru overheard a few people talking about going to shinigami academy and become a soul reaper. Following their example, Hoshimaru went to Shinigami Academy and pass the entrance exam on his first try. After three years, Hoshimaru graduated the academy, was recruited into squad 9 as 4th seat, and learned the name of his zanpaktou. During his time with squad 9, His skills and intelligence impressed everyone in his squad as well as other in different squad. Learning about Hoshimaru, the captain of squad two had requested that he be transferred to squad two and was placed as 3rd seat.

~Corps Commander of the Detention Unit~
After being transferred to squad 2, Hoshimaru began training his shikai to strengthen himself even more. When informed that is the corps commander of the dentention unit, Hoshimaru relied more on his speed, stamina, and stealth to keep and fulfill his new position. After a year Hoshimaru began showing his loyalty to the soul society as well as the Captain-commander and the Onmitsukidō, and is always training in his free time.

Family: Parents (dead), older sister and foster parents (presumed dead)
Loyalties: Soul Society, Captain-Commander, and Onmitsukidō
Personal Items: Zanpaktou, Gigai, Soul Pager, Soul Candy

Level: 30

Basic stats:

Stamina: 50/200
Power: 50/200
Speed: 50/200
Reiatsu: 50/200
Total: 200

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 33/100
Zanpaktou Mastery: 33/100
Kido Intelligence:33/100
Shunpo Speed: 51/100
Total: 150


Hado Number 1: Shō
Hado Number 4: Byakurai
Hado Number 11: Tsuzuri Raiden
Hado Number 31: Shakkahō
Hado Number 32: Ōkasen
Hado Number 33: Sōkatsui

Bakudo Number 1: Sai
Bakudo Number 4: Hanaiwa
Bakudo Number 8: Seki
Bakudo Number 9: Geki

Custom Kidou: None Yet

Custom Techniques: None yet


Zanpaktou Name: Shinsei na Hono'o
Zanpaktou Meaning: Holy Flame
Zanpaktou Spirit: [/url]
Zanpaktou Realm: [/url]
Zanpakuto Type: Fire/Light
Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form:
Release Phrase: Merge, Shinsei na Hono'o

When released, Shinsei na Hono'o begins to glow a pale red and change in shape. When the emitted glow dies down, it is revealed that Shinsei na Hono'o has taken on the form of a red metal longbow with the design from a celtic cross in white.

Heaven and Hell – Using the command “Shift” shinsei na honoo turns back in a sword, making a horizontal slash, Shinsei na Hono'o releases condensed spiritual energy from the tip amplifying the attack and then flies forward. The slash is in the shape of wave of flames. When it makes contact with the opponent, they are hit with blinding pale red flames (5sp).

White Flame Wall – This is Shinsei na Honoo's defensive ability. It projects white flames in front of Hoshimaru and forms a diamond-shaped shield in its place. The barrier is called out the same way the zanpaktou is release but uses the command “overflow”. The barrier is able to block all frontal attack and redirect kido (10sp).

Light Grid - using the command “disperse”, shinsei na honoo breaks down into a bunch of tiny pale red orbs of light that surrounds the opponent, any movement at all, will cause them to cling to the opponent and explode (10-15sp).
Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form: Locked

xXRoleplay SampleXx

(Um, this sample are some of my posts from a different rp)

Kafie and the others payed their respects to their fallen friend formally. "Well, now that everyone is free from Zexion's control now is free. i guess i should return home to Jikoku." said Rodyle "Yeah, i should head back to Himoto too. the other monks probably think I'm dead at the moment." said Zhane as he shyly rubbed the back of his head. "I going back home in Sakufuu, my time of protecting your family has ended now that i helped you bring honor back to your family and bring peace to the world. But don't worry, a new body guard will be sent lord Kafie." said Kiev then he left. Kafie turns to say thanks to Marut, but he had already left.

Kafie, after returning home has assumed his rightful place as King of Kurai and he is now 19. Hugo and Kaiori became members of his counsel and Yuhi and Jaden are the new Captain and lieutenant of the Kurai army. When Kiev went home, a new bodyguard for Kafie was sent. Finally deciding to follow his heart Kafie calls a meeting. "Okay, i have something to say." "What is it brother?" asked Kaiori "I am leaving Kurai and marrying Hikari." said Kafie "What are you thinking?" yelled Hugo as he slammed his hands on the table. "Sir, please think rationally." said Kellan

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PostSubject: Re: Hoshimaru Matsumori   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:44 am

Hello and welcome to Seireitei.

General Information -
Everything seems okay here, the only thing I ask is if you describe the looks more. I know theres a picture however we'd like this to be around a full paragraph
Division - Normally we pick the division based on the profile...but I'll let this oen go since it seems you can belong in the division.

Personal Information-
I'd prefer if you add more to the history and personality. With the history, your past life really isnt relevant anymore since you died. However you are no longer a quincy..sure you can have bow like abilities with your zan...but you cant use or even have the quincy cross or any quincy ability or skill.

Only 10 kidou total for lvl30

Zanpaktou - Yeah as said before, you are not allowed to have a quincy cross....your zan can change into a regular bow by itself without merging with the cross if you like. Also non captains are only allowed 3 shikai moves, so please pick three of your moves. Also please explain each move a little more and add Sp cost.

Also for a need a decent roleplay sample.

Sorry for seemingly murdering your profile but these are all needed edits. Lemme know when its edited and I'll check it again.

"Come, walk with me into that deeper darkness. A place where desires become dreams and dreams become reality."
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PostSubject: Re: Hoshimaru Matsumori   Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:44 am

DONE! Very Happy bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Hoshimaru Matsumori   Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:57 am

i say approved, but in the future if applying for a higher rank your rp sample must be longer than that.
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PostSubject: Re: Hoshimaru Matsumori   Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:33 pm

Thank you, and thanks for that tip
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PostSubject: Re: Hoshimaru Matsumori   

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Hoshimaru Matsumori
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