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 How to Update a Character ((Must Read))

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PostSubject: How to Update a Character ((Must Read))   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:22 am

Before making an update, familiarize yourself with our process, as we might do things a little differently than what you are used to.

Step 1: Make a new thread in this board, and title it appropriately. Say the name of your character and then Updates.

Step 2: Post your modified full profile, in this board. You can find your profile in the approved characters section.

Step 3: After you post the fully modified profile, then post what exactly you updated and then please provide a link to the thread where you trained said updates.

Step 4: After all of this is done, your part is complete. A mod or admin will look at your updated profile and then your regular profile to make sure that the update was done properly and that nothing else was added. The mod or admin will then either approve or disapprove the update and if approved, your character profile in the approved board will be updated.

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How to Update a Character ((Must Read))
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