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 Akiru Hanori

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Akiru Hanori

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PostSubject: Akiru Hanori   Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:39 pm

xXGeneral InformationXx

Name: Akiru Hanori
Alias: Miss Kiru
Visual/Suggested Age: 14
Actual Age: 176
Gender: Female
Looks: Akiru has light silvery hair, close to white. Her skin is a light peachy color and has little to no blemishes or freckles. Her hair is straight messy and has a few long strands hanging by the
front.It's usually left down or clipped into a messy bun. Her eyes are a dark maroon reddish color. Her clothing alternates between a dirty pair of ripped flare jeans and a loose black t-shirt or a small red skirt
and a white button-up dress shirt. She always wears a worn black pair of sandals though. She keeps a black string necklace with a red circle charm on the end of it as a charm. Akiru also has two matching
spike bracelets that she managed to save before she departed from the Soul Society. Her arms have a couple small scars from her past human life. Her lips are a dark dusty pink color. When she blushes her
cheeks turn a light icy pink. Her fingernails have small bite marks because of her bad habit of nail biting and are usually kept free of dirt. She never paints them with nail-polish. She will use marker to draw on
them sometimes though. She has several ear piercings, mostly along the upper ridge of her ear and the lobe. She has a tiny silver ring on her left hand. She has a pair of black fingerless gloves, with white
stitching across the palms. She keeps her captains haori draped over the back of her shoulders or neatly folded and set on an arm of her giant comfy chair.
Division: Academy.

xXPersonal InformationXx

Personality: Akiru is very playful, but most of the time she is cynical and sarcastic. She's sociallble, depending on her mood and sleepiness. She likes to reverse her sleep schedule by staying up
extremly late and going to bed in the daytime, or staying up for a day or two (depending on how far she could push herself) and go to bed whenever she had no more strength to stay awake.She loves to listen
to music, but hates singing. She often takes comfort and solace in whatever music she's listening to. She can draw and play instruments extermly well, but can't paint without throughly drawing her obejective
first. She is wonderful in playing the piano, flute, and the kazoo. She has a tiny furry pet cat named Aro who is her only known companion. She doesn't have many friends at the Shinigami Academy, only a tiny
close-knit group. She likes parties though. She tends to be the life of the party when drunk, but if she's not she's sitting in a corner somewhere listening to music and talking with some people about current

issues. She gets hungry often.
Likes: Akiru likes talking, music, food, sleeping, rain, and both morining and night.
Dislikes: Akiru dislikes studying, fighting, mean or distant people, and hot weather.
Code: Akiru has an extremely high moral code. She'll defend anyone who needs it, even though she is nothing more than a student. She will not give up. She refuses to fught in front of children,
unless she is defending them. And she will fight until she is defeated or dead.
Akiru was born in a poverty stricken district of Nara, an ancient city in Japan. The midwife predicted she would be born fine and without any complications. She was a luckily right. Akiru
was born without a problem, although the midwife did faint because her strage eye color. She was raised by her parents Natsui Hanori and Senrai Hanori. Natsui Hanori was rumored to be from a long line of
royal ancestry, and that she had been disowned when she started to show sympathy for the people living in the poor districts, labeled as " The Lesser Ones". Her mother often dismissed this rumor around the
children, but Akiru knew otherwise when she overheard her father talking about it with her mother. But she never told anyone about that. Senrai's ancestry was known to be from a group of skilled samurais'.
This is where Akiry inherited her stealth and intuition. She had one brother,Misui, and often looked out for him while they played with the other children. She was known amongst that poor district to be a child
prodigy, excelling in art and education.But she often led the district children on missions to steal from food vendors along the sides of the cobblestoned street. She might've been incredibly talented at her arts
and education, but she was the greatest at being a theif and bandit. Akiru headed the village theif group, with the other children often bringing her back they're earnings. She'd regularly reject these earnings, she
had a high moral code, even as a child. One day she came home to find a bad situation lying near the door of her home.
"Mother, what's happening?' Akiru asked her mother as she looked over to her father arguing with a royal guard of the kingdom.

She had seen them walk through every week or so, often talking to each other and staring with disgust at the people who lived in her district. "Nothing,now go inside and help your brother" her frantic mother replied. "Fine, but you should tell me later" Akiru grumbled, and headed into the
the house with Misui in tow. "Wha-what's happening to Dad?" Misui said with a stammer. She knew he was a real crybaby, but she didn't mind that. "Nothing Misui, everything will be ok." Akiru said as she
patted his head. She cared for him very much, seeing as he was so fragile. Akiru was tough and bossy, while he was delicate and respective. Misui pointed to the scene behind her." That doesn't look good."
Misui said with a frown. Akiru turned around. She gasped when she saw what was happening. Her father was getting beaten by the guard man. "Leave him alone you monster!" Akiru screamed as she kicked
the guard man. He dropped his father and turned to her." Brat, what are you doing?" He laughed and slapped her across the face.

Akiru's eyes widened as she turned back to him with a red mark across her face. She smiled and remembered she had a hidden dagger that she had stolen from an older vendor while she was sneaking into the forbidden bazaar district west of the one she lives in. Akiru swung the
dagger across the back of the guard man. "Loser, leave my family alone." Akiru looked him straight in the eye.
She knew she had no time to just stand there. He was bound to attack her. "Goodbye Mother! Bye Father! And goodbye Misui, I wish you luck!" Akiru said as she ran past the vendors and children. Tears
flowed willingly from her red eyes. She would miss them all. Especially Misui. Akiru wandered the streets of a barren faraway district, never letting that guard catch up with her. She spotted a man, he looked
about 20. She was about to turn 12, as she had lived out her life scavaging and stealing from vendors. "Hello" Akiru said, her small handcrafted robe drifting behind her. She had pulled the hood over her head
to where he could only see her tiny lips moving. She recognized the boy's insignia on the back of his hand. He was a member of the Antou Theives, a group she had aspired to enter once she had grown older.

"Little girl, what do you want?" He said with kindness and curuiosity. " I would like to join your group. I'm a skilled theif. And i'm afraid i'm being hunted by a guard." She said with a tear. She was bound to get
caught by him. She only barely escaped him last time." Hmm, i've heard of you. Would your name happen to be Akiru Hanori? the man replied with kindness. "Yeah...that's me" Akiru answered."Good. Your a
legend in this district. Your welcomed in this group" He invited her in." My name is Sukatsi Danui" He said as he poured her a cup of tea. She looked around. His house was nicely furnished, and warm and
cozy. She was directed to her room and was promised to meet tyhe rest of the group in the morning.
Akiru lived here with him, with her as his adopted daughter. He tought her other things to aid her in her adventures. She would routinely go one missions to aid the group. But she would never murder anyone.
She believed taking someones life was wrong, as she left them fatally wounded, but wiith enough life to survive. One day, on the eve of her fourteenth birthday, she was approached by Sukatsi.

" It is your birthday tomorrow. Tonight, at midnight, you will perform an important mission. It is vital in the survival of this group. You will be infiltrating the Royal Wanutai Kingdom." He handed her the necessary tools to
infiltrate the lush palace grounds of Wanutai Kingdom. The group had nominated Akiru to do the mission without informing her of the meeting. But she was ready. She set out, with a sack of the tools and a
layout of the Kingdom. She had also sneaked some bread from a vendor. She crawled up the Western Wall that guarded the Kingdom. She slipped the hood over her face as she gracefully and quietly slid
onto the ground. The buildings and architecture of the Inner Palace was magnificent. Decorative borders were placed on every house. A neatly managed cobbelstone street guided her path up the the Royal
Kingdom of Wanutai. It was beautiful and smooth, unlike the rough street back in the poor districts. She spotted a few guards walking along the same path farther ahead.

She slipped behind a nearby house and decided to take a shortcut up to the Kingdom. She crept along the manicured hedges that lad up to the Main Kingdom. She knew instantly not to go through front door,
so she crept around the Kingdom. She finally found a tiny low window that she could slip through. She easily slipped through it, landing on the ground with a tiny "humph". She spotted severel barrels of
vegetables and cured meats. "Nice" Akiru whispered. She sat down and snacked on the bread and some of the cured meat. She heard someone approach the door. She scrambled over to hide behind a
barrel. "Ahhh, no need hiding little one" The woman said with a calming assurance."I have been told you were here by a man of your group. We...tortured him until he told us. And if you wish of him not to die,
I suggest you reveal yourself." She threatned menacingly. Natsumi let a single tear flow down her cheek and stood up. She threw off her hood and approached the lady.

She had long flowong brown hair and calm grey eyes. "Hmm, you are quite young. A feat of sneaking into this kingdom is quite astonishing. And if it woudl have not been for a small spy in our group then you wouldv'e succeeded and we would've
had no idea about this infiltration plot. But it's over now." She smiled and tied Akiru's hands behind her back. "Your coming with me".
She led Akiru to a familiar face. The guard she had injured back in her original district. "You" Akiru said without showing fear. " Oh, I knew it was gonna be this little brat." He sighed while rolling his eyes. "
Well then, we'll give you a nice little public execution" He exclaimed with a twisted smile. Akiru looked him in the eyes. " So? You still got wounded by a tiny 8 year old. And you can never erase that. Your
pride has been shattered. And I do not fear death. Because, unlike you, I have never taken a life. Never." She said with a prideful demeanor. " Take her away!" He screamed as he slapped her hard across the face. Akiru smiled.

"Goodby idiot!". The lady squeezed her wrist as she led her down farther and farther into the prisoner's dungeon."Filthy brat. You should've learned to be more lady-like. It may have saved
your life." She lectured." Eh, I was told that a lot. You should've learned to get a life." Akiru spat. The lady threw her against the cell wall. "Brat" the lady said as she walked away with a disgusted look on her
face. Akiru looked around. There were no prisoners down there. She saw an owl up above in a far window. " Ah, you see me, don't you? Well, at least you have wings" She said to the owl. She dropped
down to her knees on the floor. Her head slumped against the cold dirt cell floor. She fell asleep with scenes of her childhood replaying in her head. In five days she would be hung from the exact same rope
that had led her into the cell.

(Five days later) It was the day of the execution. She had smudges of dust and dirt against her cheeks. Spider webs were lying on her dark robe. The lady that had led her there arrived at her cell door." Well,
look at you. Aren't you just lovely?" She said with sarcasm. "Get up. Now" She unlocked the door and tied her hands beside her back. "It's time" The lady muttered as she led her back up to the Kingdoms
main room. The guard and the lady led her through the cobblestone streets of the Inner Palace. People stared and gasped at the dirty Akiru. Some people shook their heads in shame and some through pebbles
at her. She glared at all of them. She was pulled out of the Inner Palace and into the poor districts. The guard and the lady turned back to her and laughed. The people on the side of the streets looked at her
with tears. She was to be hung and they knew it. They finally entered the poor district she was born in. The children recognized her. "Akira!" shouted one of them. He started to run forward, to try and save
her, but the others knew that his efforts would just end up in more people getting hurt.

She nodded to all of them. "Remember young ones, cover your tracks carefully, look out for each other, and NEVER take another life." Akiru commanded with tears. They all nodded back. Some were
crying. She looked to the other side of the road. She saw her mother and Misui. "Misui! I wish you luck! Don't ever forget to care for the others, ok?" She yelled to him. He nodded. "Yes, sister". She looked
to her mother. She smiled. "We have always missed you Akiru, and we will hopefully see you in the afterlife!" Her mother cried out. Akiru looked away and started to cry. But she regained her compusure
quickly. She stepped up on the quickly fashioned gallows as the lady took off her rope from around her wrists and fixed it into a noose. The guard held her in place to keep her from running. The lady slipped
that noose around her neck and tied her hands with another short rope. She looked back to them. "You will both rot in hell" She said with a demented smile. "Goodbye everyone" Akiru yelled. The lady pushed
her foward as she finished her sentence. She instantly snapped her neck.

Soul Society

Akiru looked around and thought "Looks like I didn't die". She turned around and started to speak, but realized a small chain portruding from her chest. It led up to Akiru's body. She looked at her own face.
Her eyes were glazed over and her jaw was slacked. "I-I'm dead?" she said with disbelief. She tugged on the chain. "Ouch" She dropped it quickly. She had no idea what was going on. She looked at all the
people staring at her dead body. "Damn, that's embarrassing." She stared on as she saw a man walk through the crowd. No one else saw him except for her. "Hey! Can you see me?" Akiru shouted while
pointing to herself. He laughed. "Why yes! I can. Now, you wouldn't mind closing your eyes for a minute, would you? My name is Rutai Unori. I need to perform a Soul Burial on you. It'll send you to the Soul
Society" He said with a polite smile.
Akiru was a bit baffled, but she obliged to his request."Okay, my name is Akiru Hanori" she said. He tapped her on the head. She was about to yell at him, when she opened her eyes and found herself floating
through an unknown dimension. "Whoa..." Akiru said in disbelief. She landed in the place he was talking about, the Soul Society. She was in this place known as the Rukongai. She was in the 3rd District. It
was somewhat clean and their was a lot of people around. She decided to live with a small group of kids that were unskilled bandits. Akiru left them quickly and adopted a young girl named Narotai as her sister. After raising her properly, she headed to the Shinigami Academy and passed the entrance exam easily.

Family: Her younger sister that she adopted in the Rukongai, Narotai.
Loyalties: Soul Society
Personal Items: A tiny luck charm of a wolf. She holds it with her wherever she travels. She also keeps a book on hand.



Fights Won: 0
Fights Lost: 0

Missions Completed: None, Akiru is only a student.

Successful: None
Failures: None

Level: 1

Basic stats:

Stamina: 60/200
Power: 30/200
Speed: 30/200
Reiatsu: 30/200
Total: 150/800

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 20/100
Zanpaktou Mastery: 10/100
Kido Intelligence: 40/100
Shunpo Speed: 30/100
Total: 100/400


Hadou: Hadou 1.Sho
Hadou 4. Byakurai

Bakudou: Bakudo 1. Sai
Bakudo 4. Hainawa
Bakudo 8. Seki

Custom Kidou: None.

Custom Techniques: None.


Zanpaktou Name: Akiru doesn't know the name of her zanpaktou yet.
Zanpaktou Meaning: N/A
Zanpaktou Spirit: N/A
Zanpaktou Realm: N/A
Zanpakuto Type: Akiru is unaware of her zanpaktou yet.
Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form: Not attained yet.
Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form: Not attained yet.

xXRoleplay SampleXx

This doesnt need to be done unless your are applying for a high rank (level 30, 50, or 70). If the mods are familar with your rp skill then this will not be necessary. Three paragraph minimum.

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Awesome, Approved and Welcome to Seireitei.

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Akiru Hanori
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