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 Arrancar Ranks

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PostSubject: Arrancar Ranks   Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:04 am

I see you have Espada. Lovely. Now onto other things Arrancar-Related.

You have Captain (Espada)

And Lieutenant (Fraccion)...

But you DON'T have fraccion? Why not? It's the Espada's Lieutenant? You should add that.

Privaron Espada - Or, in other words, the Espada who have been beaten in battle by another, more powerful Espada. Privaron Espada are the Espada that have double digit dumbers.

Exquisias - Arrancar Defense. Sort of like the cops for Arrancar. They are vital.

^^ thats just my lil suggestion type thingy. :3
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Red Horizon

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Ranks   Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:01 pm

Interesting, and warranted. But trust us, we don't want to include the Espada just quite yet. We already have their stats and everything taken care of, but we are planning to make an event of it. Once the event takes place Arrancar profiles will officially be on the table and you may begin making as many as you please. That said, we hadn't thought of including Privaron Espada, and perhaps even an Exequias/Rudobon-type character as their "cops". Thanks for the suggestion.
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Arrancar Ranks
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