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 Hakudoshi Rentai

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Hakudoshi Rentai

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PostSubject: Hakudoshi Rentai   Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:43 am

xXGeneral InformationXx

Name: Hakudoshi Rentai
Alias: Haku
Visual/Suggested Age: 25
Actual Age: 2,472.
Gender: Male
Looks: Hair color & Style | His hair in
very neat and straight. It
passes his shoulders by about 7 inches, and is as white as snow. He
never does anything with his hair, but for some reason is always looks
absolutely perfect
• Eye color | Blue
• Overall Appearance |
Hakudoshi has the normal Soul Reaper attire: a black shirt with baggy
pants which all have a white trim on the ends.
Hakudoshi is a tall
slender man. He is 6feet tall on the dot, and he weighs 150 lbs.
eyes are as blue as sapphire, and his face is very slim with a rounded
point. His eyes are rounded as an almond would be, and his nose is the
perfect little button. His face is clean of any type of blemish, and he
always has that firm look in his face. His lips are pink and moist
constantly and his eyebrows are thin. His teeth are the straightest they
can be, and no pearl could beat them when it comes to shine.
hair in very neat and straight. It passes his shoulders by about 7
inches, and is as white as his coat. He never does anything with his
hair, but for some reason is always looks absolutely perfect.
his clothes and his body is ripped. His arms are built, and extremely
muscular. His strength is great. Move down to his chest and you'll see
his torso area, which is buff beyond by all means. His stomach is
outlined with an outstanding 6 pack. His legs are long and his calves
are built like the rest of his body. His skin is the perfect pale-peach
color all around. There are no signs of a tan, his skin tone remains
perfect all around.

To specify with his arms, they are long and
built (as said in the previous paragraph) and are free of hair. Each arm
is 3"2', making his overall wingspan 6"4'. His reach
is incredible. Hakudoshi considers his arms the strongest part of his
body. His hands are big and powerful, which is good when it comes to
holding his Zanpokuto, for Hakudoshi has a firm grip on everything he
Onto his legs. As said before, they are long and free of hair,
like his arms are. His legs allow him to move at insane speeds, and
besides his arms, are the strongest part of his body, save his arms.
to his skin to specify. As said earlier, his skin is a pale-peach
color, with no signs of a tan. His skin is surprisingly tough, and like
the rest of his body, everywhere but his head is free from hair. It is
said that his skin is "as strong as adamant".

Division: Captain 11th Squad (wanted rank)

xXPersonal InformationXx

Personality: Hakudoshi is a
rather quiet person. Talking isnt his
thing. He believes he has a mouth for a reason, to express an opinion
and not to talk things through. He believes his blade is the one who
does all of the talking. He isnt rude or anything, its just that he
doesnt like to talk and he is a rather ... irrational person at times.
Though when he does speak, it isnt very many words, and its rather
quiet, almost a mumble, or a whisper.

At times, Hakudoshi is
forced to talk, and when he is forced to talk, he talks rather quick,
and rather rude. Though he doesnt mean to, he gets fed up with the
chit-chat he's being made to do. As said before, he just doesnt like to
talk. End of story. Period. He uses small, simple words in times when he
is 'required' to talk, if-you-will.

Hakudoshi, though quiet,
stands for what he belives in. He's always there to fight the long
battle, always there to take the journey to Right and fight the
"evil" people. He protects his friends because he
belives friendship is the key to strength. His strength is drawn from
his friends. Not literally though; as in he fights for his friends, and
his friends are the reason he fights. It's not to be a Shinigami, or a
Captian of a Division, no. It's for the people that make his life and
his job easier, his friends.

He is a really good person, though
he would take a path for power in an instant. He believes that if there
is a path to more power, there is a path to keep your friends safe.
Which is exactly why he doesnt look down on the Vizards, he believes
they have greater power, which makes them more capable people. He doesnt
mind that they betrayed the Soul Society, because in truth, Hakudoshi
would do that too. Hakudoshi would take that offer up in an instand if
he could, its power, baby! Who could refuse?

Likes: Hakudoshi likes his few friends and family, they are very close to him.
But he likes power even more. He would betray his friends for power, but only if the power
would allow him to double-cross the one who gave him that power and allow him to go
back to his friends.
Dislikes: Hakudoshi hates cocky people. Though, in truth, he can be very cocky
sometimes himself. So, in a way, he sometimes hates himself.
Code: Hakudoshi is a complete gentleman, he will always put himself in danger before
he allows a girl to be harmed. Unless they are his enemy of course.
History: Hakudoshi was born in the Human World as most
people are. He lived his
life as a noble, living in Kyoto, Japan. He has the good life, as one
might say. Money, of WOW did he possess wealth beyond all belief, he
could afford anything he wanted; this means EVERYTHING! He had friends,
though Hakudoshi was suspicious that they were only his friends because
of his fortune, they were still his friends. Hakudoshi really had the
good life, he really really did.

Unfortunatly, Hakudoshi wasnt
happy, he was far from happy. He would from time to time consider
himself depressed. Where was all the work, why did he just get anything
he wanted? Why did the nearby villagers have to work for a living, just
to eat and drink? Where was the fun in sitting in a huge castle all day,
having a servant come up to you and say "Hakudoshi-Senpai,
what would you like today?" What was so great about that? The
villagers really didnt realise how boring being wealthy was, you never
had values, you never had to work for what you want! You just give
somebody one of the many coins you have at your disposal, and sit on
your backside while it is delievered straight to you! What was so handy
dandy great about that?! Nothing! Hakudoshi wanted death, he hated this
life. He wanted to move on.

Be careful what you wish, You may
regret it, Be careful what you wish, You just might get it.
On a
quiet evening, the sun was setting and Hakudoshi was getting ready for
the usual routine, bed. He walked into the courtyard of his castle and
grabbed a bucket and dipped it in the mini-pond he had and cleaned his
face. Something had caught Hakudoshi's attention, though. He heard the
loud gallop of multiple horses. Hakudoshi thought nothing of it, just
thinking it to be nobles requesting an audience with Hakudoshi. So, this
felt like normal routine, Hakudoshi put on his robe and walked to the
Main Hall. He took the walk to the door, opened it up and saw men
hitting on horses, with mean, terrible looks on their faces.
i help you?" Hakudoshi asked, tired and curious as to who
these men were.

The men smiled, and Hakudoshi glances down and
took a closer look. They wore armor, and they each had a sword attached
to their waist. Hakudoshi's eyes grew wide.
Hakudoshi yelled desperately, yet nobody came. He yelled again, and
nobody came once again. Instead he saw his gaurds coming up from the
sides, joining the side of the bandits.
"Oh there you are,
dispose of these men here, i dont want to take any risks!"
Hakudoshi commanded and turned around and degan to walk back to his
room. He didnt make it three steps before realising the bandits
dismounted their hourses and began to charge at him. His gaurds were a
part of this plan the whole time! In a desperate attempt to save his
life, Hakudoshi ran, he bolted! One of the bandits laughed as he took a
bow and aarow out of his quiver and shot. Right on his leg...

screamed in agony as the men approached his fallen body. One man kicked
his body, which lay on the floor, another spit. Hakudoshi lay there,
blood spilling from his leg, crying for help. The men laughed and the
leader of the group drew his sword, approached Hakudoshi and told him
that all of this valuables were then his. After that sentence was
finished, he slashed the sword, slashing Hakudoshi's throat, thus
killing him. His human life was ended.

Hakudoshi awoke from
unconscienceness in the Hall, seeing his body lay there. He began to
"Whats going on! Why am i there? Am i dead! On no!
What am i going to do!" he began to tremble, and he fell to the
ground, afraid, crying. Though he noticed something new..there was a
chain linked to his chest...what was it? What did it mean?

thought was cut short be a horrible screeching noise. It scared him, and
he looked over his shoulder and a large, red beast with a oddly-shaped
white mask was running towards him. He didnt know what to do! He covered
his head and screamed. He thought he would die..again...
of Destruction No. 4! Red Flame Canon!" a voice yelled.
Hakudoshi opened his eyes and saw a woman dressed in a black kimono with
a sword in her hand. Had she defended him? What was going on?
little one, take my hand, I'll take you to a pleasent
afterlife." the woman said with a heart-warming smile.
Hakudoshi gladly took the pretty woman's hand and she walked him not
very far, but a bright white light shined in his eyes and before he knew
it, everything went black.

Hakudoshi began a new life in a
village near Soul Society. Everybody in this village was always happy,
doing their word for a living. No fights ever happened, and everybody
always helped out each other in one way or another. Every body was care
free! after all, they were the cloest town to the Soul Society, what did
they have to be afraid of?

Hakudoshi has always heard tales of
the Might Soul Reapers, they were Shinigami. Any anybody here was
capable if they went to the Soul Reaper Academy! This was Hakudoshi's
life-long dream! He had gotten a stick and carved it into the shape of a
sword and practiced daily for around two hours. He did that every day
until he was 10. At about that age, he began to challenge the local
children, to which he never lost to. Everybody was impressed, a young
boy that good with a sword?
After beating a child at a sword fight,
the kids father became angry at his son for loosing to a child 3 years
older then him.So his dad grabbed his sword (not a Zanpakuto) and
challenged Hakudoshi to a fight. Hakudoshi didnt see why this was
nessicairy...but he never stood down a challenge. Hakudoshi said he's
play fair and not use a his wooden sword. When he said that, the crowd
that gathered busted into laughter, yet Hakudoshi was serious. He tossed
it to the ground and stood there, looking down. The man laughed and ran
towards Hakudoshi, who stood still.

When the man became within
arms reach, Hakudoshi landed a punch in his stomach, making the man gasp
for air, but the man quickly recovered and swung the sword, which had
cut Hakudoshi's chest, making him bleed badly. He fell to the ground,
not crying, yet in pain, and quiet. He was getting angry, and he slowly
rose back to his feed, looking down, blood flowing out of his chest. A
blue aura began to swirl around Hakudoshi, and without a seconds
thought, he somehow appeared behing the man, and flipped in the air and
landed a kick to the back of the head.

The crowd gasped with
amazment. How did he do that? That was the Flash Step! How could a kid
that was so young perform FLASH STEP?! Nobody knew the answer, but the
fight continued.
Hakudoshi grabbed the sword out of the mans hand,
who was on the ground, and he was about to lunge it in his back, when he
heard a voice inside his head say, "Dont do it!".
This had frightened Hakudoshi and he dropped the sword and fell to the
ground, unconscience.

He woke up a few days later in a bed,
though he didnt recognize where he was. It was a nursery in a place with
alot of people dressed in fancy clothing, carrying around books and
swords were. The nurse approached. "How are you
feeling?" she asked. Hakudoshi replied by getting out of the
bed, but was quickly forced back into it by the Nurse. She stated she
was a Shinigami and a Captain-Rank shinigami witnessed the battle, and
saw him perform the Flash Step with ease. The Captain noted that he did
it while he was enraged and wounded, yet he still performed what many
shinigami cant even do. The Captain requested him be placed in the Soul
Reaper Academy due to his Immense Spiritual Pressure at that specific
time, saying he could be trained to control it and he, with ease, could
get a spot in the Soul Society.
Hakudoshi, having just been filled in
on all that information, was amazed. His eyes were wide and his body
surged with excitment. He would become a Soul Reaper! He could do it!
Though he couldnt begin now, he was wounded and must recover.

was made to lay in bed for a week tops before he could begin at the Soul
Reaper Academy. The week was long, but the wait was worth it. Hakudoshi
was a part of the Soul Reaper Academy! And he would graduate it! He
would impress the Captain Commander and be granted a Captain Rank! He
knew he would, he had to! It was his goal!

He had to train every
day, he practiced Kido, which he EXCELLED in, and he practiced fighting
with his Zanpakuto. He had never lost a fight to any of the students, he
was told his abilities were much higher than anybodies in the school.
And they gave him tactic training...this was not Hakudoshi'
But none the less. The sword training always went well. He
always passed each and every test with a higher performance than was
expected. He fought with his sword every day since he first got the
wooden sword. He is very skilled. He usually never has a challenge,
versus the other students who always struggle. He sometimes was asked to
help teach the other students how to fight better, and what not to do,
and what TO do. This was a good sign...

Kido also went VERY well.
Hakudoshi had learned about the forbidden spells...and this he took a
specific intrest in...but did not dare attempt. Anyway, yes. Kido was
totally going great for him, never did he fail a spell. Maybe he hurt
himself in the process when he first learned the spell, but never a
failed spell. Hakudoshi excelled in Destruction and Binding spells. He
has shown that he can make it up to spell # 39. That is impressive! He
will be much greater in the near future...

Now the
tactics...Hakudoshi, when taught a tactic, didnt pay attention. He didnt
believe in tacitcs, he thought they were a weakness. Plan out how your
going to go cut your enemy? No way. You go in there, see how great their
power is, and then take from there. If you make a tactic, Hakudoshi
believes that things can go wrong and you'll start to panic BECAUSE you
had a plan. So he didnt pay attention to it, at all.
Being a part of
the Academy, they were required to fight. Not just each other for
sparring, but Hallows. The rank of Hallow you get to fight depends on
your skills. And Hakudoshi hasn't yet learned the name of his sword
(Shikai, he hasn't acheived Shikai) so he might not get to fight a
"high up" hollow. But maybe if he fought these lesser
hollow and continued training as he is, he would get it? Only one way to
find out.
Day after day, Hakudoshi always aksed to fight more and
more. Whether it be people, or hollows. Hakudoshi was getting frustrated
with always winning against students. He start to request battles from
the Combat Instructors. Well, things can go one way or another.
Sometimes you win some, loose some; which was how Hakudoshi's fights
with the Combat Instructors went. He was slowly growing stronger...and
he eventually got a win-streak in his fights against the Instructors. He
was slowly raising to the top.

With his growing powers, he
fought more and more hollows. He would fight multiple lesser-being
hollows, just to see how well he can handle more than one enemy. He did
it quite well, they landed a few attacks because of their numbers, but
nothing too serious, nothing Hakudoshi should be concerned about.
the day came...when Hakudoshi realised the only to acheiv shikai (in
his mind) was to fight strong opponents. He needed higher class hollow.
And so he asked for them, whether he be ready or not. He started to seek
out higher level hollow. Finally, a challenge! They fought like nothing
he'd fought before! It was crazy! They had these new attacks, and they
were powerful! But Hakudoshi become over confident, and went into battle
with a group of 4, and he didn't get to kill even one...

you goung to let these things destroy you, Hakudoshi?" A voice
inside of his head asked. Hakudoshi didnt know what this was. What is
that voice? Who are they? Is it his Zanpakuto?
"Here, use my
powers, because i wont let you die. You're my Shinigami, and i will
give you my powers. They are at your disposal, Master..I am
Kanyoru." The voice finished. Hakudoshi was amazed. He stood
up, and spoke the word "Unite" and his body filled
with power.

Hakudoshi had closed his eyes, and when the Shikai
was complete, he opened them and looked at his blade. His eyes went
wide. What had happened?! His blade didnt transform? Did he not have
"Do not worry, your blade has not changed, but try
testing out the powers of it. Slash your sword downwards towards the
ground...see what happens." The voice told him. So he did. And
it let out a barrage of Adamant Shards. Though it didnt kill the Hollow,
it greatly wounded it. And after the attack, Hakudoshi had some time to
move in for an attack, so he did. He jumped and attacked the Menos's
mask, destroying it. One down, Three to go!

He kept unleashing
his new attack, which shall be called "Barrage" upon
the Hollows, and slowly he got down to the last Hollow. This was
exciting! He was killing them! He had SHIKAI! The menos sat there, and
it put out its hand, and blasted a Cero, which Hakudoshi tried to block
with Barrage. Well it didnt block it, it slowed down the movement. And
when Hakudoshi realised this, he quickly got out of the way.
He put
out his hands and shot Red Flame Canon at the Hollow, and then moved in
to attack it, using flash step to get there. The Hollow looked at him as
he attacked it. He lunged his blade into the mask... The hollow sat
there, motionless. It slowly looked down at Hakudoshi, and attacked him,
right across the face.

Hakudoshi awoke in a bed. He
was told he had acheived Shikai, which he already knew. He closed his
eyes, grabbed his blade, and spoke to the Zanpakuto and thanked him for
what he had done, that they would become great friends. And the Spirit
laughed and told him that they make a good team so far.

the day of graduation grew near, Hakudoshi still had much work to do. He
wanted to fight solo, and he wanted to fight strong people and hollow.
And he did, he fought hard, he trained hard, and the bond between him
and his Zanpakuto grew thicker than blood, and stronger than steel. They
were talking in all the free time Hakudoshi had, and this was going to
pay off.

The more battles Hakudoshi were a part of, the more they
talked, and the stronger they grew...until one day...something amazing

The zanpakuto granted the master Bankai! Hakudoshi
acheived Bankai in the time he was in the Academy! How could this be?
How could it of happened to quick? Was the bond between Zanpakuto and
Shinigami in this case really that strong? Apparently this was, and it
made Hakudoshi one of the most respected Academy Students of all time.

kept training and talking with his Zanpakuto, and fighting with it, and
the Zanpakuto had taught him another move, which he had named Wave, and
also come to find out that the Zanopakuto gave part of his body to
Hakudoshi, seeing as when Hakudoshi went into bankai, his skin, feet,
and hands were all covered lightly in Adamant. The bond was strong
between these two...Thicker than Blood, Stronger than Steel...

day of Graduation came, and Hakudoshi stood before the Captain
Commander. He sat there, looking at Hakudoshi, and looked at his
records, and looked back at Hakudoshi.

began the Commander, "Your placement day has come, you have
Shikai, Bankai and you are very strong and wise. You...You ...
" he continued, "What Squad do you wish to me a part
of?" He finally asked.

Hakudoshi closed his eyes,
"The Sixth Squad, sir. Any position would be much
appreciated." Hakudoshi answered firmly. He wished to be part
of Internal Affairs, and thats hopefully what he'd get.

Affairs..." the Captain Commander began, and he thought hard
on it.
"Hakudoshi Rentai, You shall be placed..."
He began, and Hakudoshi wanted him to finish.

The words were
forming from his mouth; and this is what he said.

are to be Granted Fourth Seat of the 11th squad."

disappointed Hakudoshi greatly...however there was nothing he can do...

started as the fourth seat of the 11th squad, and went on many many
missions, his command in Kido growing stronger, and his Bankai and
Shikai coming more and more useful. He learned more battle tactics and
was eventually placed Vice Captain of the 11th squad. As decades passed,
he grew higher in the ranks, eventually reaching vice Captain of the
Eleventh Squad. He was growing stronger and stronger in everything. He
learned more about Tactics and Kido than he ever would expect.

Family: Father: Kentaro Rentai
Mother: Domia Rentai
Siblings: Hayami Rentai
Loyalties: Soul Sociaty
Personal Items: A necklace that was on the first human soul he
failed to save in time, he carries it around to remind him of the consequences
of not saving a soul.



Fights Won:
Fights Lost:

Missions Completed: The total number of missions this character has completed

Successful: The number of successful missions this character has completed. Include titles.
Failures: The number of missions this character has failed. Include titles.

Level: 70 (wanted level)

Basic stats:

Stamina:100 /200
Power: 150/200
Speed:95 /200
Reiatsu:80 /200
Total: 425

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 80/100
Zanpaktou Mastery:100 /100
Kido Intelligence: 20/100
Shunpo Speed: 65/100
Total: 265


Hadou: Name: Hado Number 1: Shō (Thrust)
Type: Hado
Description: Pushes the target away from the caster.

Incantation: None
Level: 1
Cost: 5
Name: Hado Number 4: Byakurai (Pale Lightning)
Type: Hado
Description: The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.

Incantation: None
Level: 4
Cost: 10

Bakudou: Name: Bakudo Number 9: Geki (Strike)
Type: Bakudo
Description: While stating the incantation, the user begins tracing intricate symbols with their hands etched in red light. Upon
completion of the symbols and incantation, the opponent is immediately engulfed in red light, and their entire body will be
paralyzed. Due to the time it takes to draw the symbols, and the distinctive nature of this particular spell, there is an opening
which the opponent can use to stop the user from casting the spell. However, should they miss this opening there is no way to
dodge this kido. To break out of the Kido, the opponent must have a Power stat of at least 90, a Reiatsu score of at least 90,
or a Kido Intelligence stat higher than the user's. This Kido can only be used once per battle.

Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"
Level: 9
Cost: 12sp
Custom Kidou: N/A

Custom Techniques: N/A

Zanpaktou Name: Kaneyoru
Zanpaktou Meaning: Diamond Knight
Zanpaktou Spirit: Twin of Hakudoshi, just with green hair
Zanpaktou Realm: Hakudoshi's inner world is a
wide, dark cave. It is rather humid and
damp in every corner of the cave inside. When things are quiet, you can
hear the water drip from the stalagmites. The walls and ground of the
cave glimmer a silver-green color, because this isnt just an ordinary
cave, it's a cave that produces Adamant. If you venture far enough in
this world, you leave the darkness and find passageways all around which
lead to different chambers. Each chamber leads to a dead end with
adamant growing EVERYWHERE. Through each corridor adamant will be
growing. Some formations small, while others are large.
Each corridor
is different, they each vary in their own style of uniqueness. While
one corridor may be cold, another may feel warm. It's never the same,
its never like the other. For instance, if he wishes to speak to his
Zanpakuto, and travels into his Inner World through Meditation, he may
go through a corridor and feel immense gravity, while five feet back,
everything felt normal.
Everything in his Inner World is different
and random. It reflects the real world greatly, though is differs in it
so much, its hard to believe. As said, his Inner World is calm and
quiet, though some may say it isnt so quiet, for it's so quiet, it ends
up amplifying any sound picked up in the cave. Footsteps sound much
louder than usual, and your breathing sounds like panting because of the
constant echo of the dark, damp place.
Though his Inner World is the
place his Zanpakuto lives, many other beings dwell there. It's a cave
for sanity's sake, of course there wont be ONLY a spirit in there! It is
also inhabited by snakes, which are completely harmless and welcome
Hakudoshi, they are there as well. And from time to time, you hear a
screech from a bat, and you see them sleeping on the ceiling and any
place dark. His Zanpakuto isnt the only being who lives there.

Zanpakuto Type: Adament
Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form: Incantation: Strike!
Appearance: Same as Sealed State
The Gaurd is not special either, it is just an
outward-pointing star around the hilt. While it is sealed, it is made of
pure gold, and is dull at the ends of the points of the star. On the
star, written out in small letters is "Hakudoshi Rentai -
Kanyoru". The star has a thin trim of green around the edges of
it, making it look elegant
Abilities: Barrage: When this word is said, and the blade moves in a horizontal,
slicing motion, a rift that is 5 feet long and 3 feet wide is then
opened up, and as the rift opens up, thousands of tiny shards of adamant
come flying out, ranging in size from about 1 inch long and 1 inch wide
and deep to around 3 inches long and 2 inches deep and wide. They are
fast and unfortunately they do not Home in on their target. They go one
straight way: the direction they were fired. In Shikai, these are very
easy to block. That is if you have the stamina to block thousands of
tiny adamant shards. They dont do very much damage however. They usually
dont hit in shikai. But if they do, if they dont get lodged in your
body, they make minor cuts to to the area it hits, causing you to bleed a
little bit. It may not do much damage, but this attack is very painful
to withstand if you are hit directly, and only one rift can open at a
time. Sp cost: 7

Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form: Incantation: Bankai
Appearance: As my blade transforms, it will no
longer be made of steel, it'll be
made of pure adamant. The blade will be composed of pressurized adamant
crystals merged together to create a Adamant Blade. In Bankai, more
changes will occur. The Guard will no longer be gold and yellow, It, too
will change form and instead of gold it'll be made of Adamant Crystals
going in a outward circle around the hilt. The hilt will of made a huge
change, as well. When in Bankai, the hilt will be made of wood yes, but
there will be wrapping around it; a silver colored wrapping in the
design of - you guessed it - crystals. But in addition to that, when
Hakudoshi grabs the blade, adamant will come out of the blade and wrap
around his hands, giving his hands protection and ensuring that the
blade wont, for some reason, come out of his hands. However, when
Hakudoshi enters Bankai, he becomes slower, much slower. He is cut about
2/4 of his normal speed.
Abilities: Protection: When Hakudoshi grabs a hold of the blade, Adamant will come
over his hands (as said in the description) and his body will gain a
light layer of adamant over his skin, making it harder to hit him. But
thats not all, adamant covers his feet, making his boots made out of
adamant. (Comes with the bankai so has no cost.)

Wave: When signalled by the word
"wave", Hakudoshi can slash his sword in any motion
and out of the blade a wave of adamant will appear. This ability is
rather useful when guarding a ranged attack or clearing an area of many
minor enemies. It is about 7 feet wide and is strong enough to send an
enemy flying, or pin them up against a wall. It can also be used as an
attack for close range with a strong enemy. For example, he can use wave
when fighting somebody of significant strength and it will push them in
the direction the wave is going. He can use it in a closed area and it
will pin his enemy to the wall while Hakudoshi either has time to run or
begin attacking. This attack takes up much more Reiatsu than the other
moves, thus making this an attack that will be used only if needed. Sp cost: 20

Yes, he has this ability in Shikai, but when its used in Bankai, it is
much more devastating and powerful. The makeup is all the same as
Shikai, but when in Bankai, they will come larger, and faster, and with
more numbers. Instead of being from about 1 inch long and 1 inch wide
and deep to around 3 inches long and 2 inches deep and wide, they will
be 3 inches long and 2 inches wide and deep, and they will come with
more force and speed. They are quicker than the Shikai version by 2/3,
and the rift that ofens is bigger than shikai by 2 feet, both in Length
and Width. Making them harder to block and when or if they hit, they do
massive damage, more than its Shikai move could ever hope of
accomplishing. Instead of the change of them being
"lodged" in your body, they have the high chance of
going THROUGH your body, which could be a very bad thing for his
opponent. As i said, they will come in more numbers, so instead of only
thousands, there are around 70,000 of them, and they come quick, and as
long as you are able to block them (which will be more difficult) you
will remain safe, though blocking them in this state will require a lot
more energy and work. Only one may be opened at a time. Sp cost: 14

Adament pod: When the phrase, "Be caged like the dog you are" is said by
Hakudoshi a adament pod forms from the ground encasing the opponent.
Adament spikes then start to grow on the inside growing ever closer to
skewering the opponent. The only way to break the pod is to put enough riatsu
behind an ELEMENTAL attack (Fire, water, earth, etc.). Sp cost: 50

xXRoleplay SampleXx

For a split second Hakudoshi was able to look at from the pod and see all of Los
Noches. It looked beautiful, yet at the same time hakudoshi couldn't stand the sight
of it. Los Noches may have been beautiful, but it had an esense of pure evil that he
just couldn't stand to look at. He closed his eyes and bowed his head in shame. It
was his fault that they were brought here so easily, and he knew it. As he closed his
eyes the adament pod gave a great lurch and then started to plumit to the ground.
When the pod hit the ground the whole thing shook violently, but it held together.

As the sand cleared around the pod Hakudoshi saw tens to hundreds of hollows and
Arrancar surrounding the pod, with Karaku, the God-King, ten feet away and straight
in front of him. Hakudoshi narrowed his eyes at the sight of him, and then hatred started
to build up inside of him. While he knew he didn't stand a chance against the God-King,
Hakudoshi wasn't going down without a fight. He would not allow Karaku to get his
hands on the Hogyoku as long as blood courced through his veins.

He looked behind him and saw that the girl looked unharmed, and more importantly,
she still had the Hogyoku clenched tightly in her hand. Suddenly a briliant idea came to him,
but he imediatly shot it down. He could make his own Garganta and get them out of there,
but he didn't want to waste any energy taking the dead Kalmora, and he knew that she
wouldn't leave without him and that she would never release the Hogyoku.

There was nothing he could do, they were trapped. But Hakudoshi was NOT going down
without a fight. He gripped his Zanpakto so tightly that his knuckles turned bleach-white,
and started to concentrate his riatsu while at the same time trying to hide it's full strength.
He whispered just loud enough for the girl behind him to hear, "I'm going to unleash a blast
of riatsu strong enough to break this pod and hopefully at least push back some of these hollows
and Arrancars, if not kill a few. When I do grab him and shunpo as far away as you can, it
should be enough of a distraction that if you hide your riatsu right afterwords they shouldn't be
able to find you. If I can get away I will come and find you two and take us away in a Garganta,
I would make one here but if I make it big enough here for us to take Kalmora it won't close before
they can follow us. If I end up not getting away........then hide. But keep this place in sight, Hayami
will eventually come for the Hogyoku and me, she will take you out of here. Now, hurry! Grab his
arm and get ready to shunpo away, I almost have my riatsu concentrated enough to do what I want
to do."
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Welcome to the site, I have a few things to talk about with this character, this goes to EVERYBODY, when applying for a higher rank other than a seated or academy shinigami, you will need to post your request in the Request or Question board. With your adamant pod move why do it has to be an element move? So if my character had no element but was very skilled in high reiatsu, I'm powerless against this move since I have no element? Yeah um.......change that part. Also with a few of your moves I think barrage, can you add some stat info. Like Hyashi creates 100 shards of diamond, if the Opponent speed stat is 10 points higher than Hyashi Zanjutsu stat than they are able to dodge the move, or if the opponent power stats is 15 points higher than Hyashi's power stat they are able to block the hit with minor cuts, or able to block the hits without any scars. Etc, something like that. Also if another mod has anything to say then say it, because this bio will need two approvals.
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Hakudoshi Rentai
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