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 Jin Zirano

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Jin Zirano

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PostSubject: Jin Zirano   Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:54 pm

Name: Jin Zirano
Alias: -
Visual/Suggested Age: 17
Actual Age: 114
Gender: Male
Looks: Jin has dark brown, medium length hair. His messy hair's appearance contributes to his personality, which I will delve into later. His eyes are a dark brown which compliment his eyebrows, which often suggest he's looking to fight. He has a scabbard strapped to his back, in which he places his Kodachi shaped Zanpakutou, however it's very rarely sheathed.

He stands 6'3 tall, weighing 170 pounds with a linen cloth piece wrapped around his hand. His nose slightly crooked from previous fist fights in Rukongai, and a few teeth are missing as well.
Division: Leave this blank, an admin will tell you what rank and division your character is in based on its personality, abilities, and how well constructed the profile is. If your character is level 1, simply put Academy, as all characters beginning at level 1 must start there.

xXPersonal InformationXx

Personality: Jin is an easily aggravated person, he takes insults a little too seriously. If these people are of friendly acquiantence he will try to not take offense. His hot headed personality makes him reckless in battle, to some it's a strength and others a weakness. He will use his power to obliterate his opponents and will do so in a reckless fashion, using his most powerful abilities to do so. He also has a strong disliking to Kido, he's never tried to use it. However in doing this he doesn't take full perspective of the fight at hand and can lose track of his opponent, the only way he actually can counter this is usually by parrying or trying to dodge his opponents. However for what he lacks in focus he makes up for in power and speed.
Jin's friendship is a hard thing to gain, he rarely trusts people and will always be wary of the situation at hand. He's only ever trusted 3 people in his life. However Jin will make an effort at friendship, but he never allows himself to get close to the person. He likes to have friends to only accomplish his main goal, which is to eventually enter the Gotei 13. Jin is usually a loner though, he likes to spend his time training as he strives to be a powerful, recognizable member of the Gotei 13 as he dreamed of in his childhood.

Likes: Power, training, trustable friends.
Dislikes: 'Fake' people, being lazy/slacking.
Code: Do whatever you can within your limits to reach your goals.
History: Jin had an unfortunate childhood, born into the slums of Rukongai and abandoned there. He was found by a woman named 'Lile'. This was who Jin thought of as his mother, through the earliest stages of Jin's life, Lile would do anything to keep Jin happy. Leading the life in the slums they did, she would often steal food or scavenge for it just to succumb to Jin's needs. The part of Rukongai they lived in wasn't particularly rough however the living conditions were as bad as any other area of Rukongai. Lile tried to provide the best for Jin, however they were both usually malnourished and starving. But once every fortnight, the shops would throw away unnecessary stock to which they quickly snapped up.

Growing up was a difficult time for Jin, at the age of 6 he'd made his first friend, who he considered a brother who was called 'Katar', Jin was a little older than Katar but only by a few months. Lile always considered Katar as a second son which shows the closeness of the relations. With Jin and Katar being 6, they'd be mischievous and always steal food, providing for Lile as she had done for Jin so many times. They'd often steal money too and were always saving it in a storage pot Lile kept in their territory of the slums. They'd steal from all kinds of people; nobles walking through Rukongai to shop owners that sold food. There was always something to steal and if lucky enough make profit from after.

By the age of 12, Jin and Katar had filled the storage pot with coins and gems and were actually the sole providers of the family at this age. During the time of growing from 6 to 12 they'd also made a new friend by the name of 'Hana', she was in love with Jin, which he realized, however he wasn't really ready for a girlfriend let alone love at his tender age of 12. This filled storage pot usually provided the family(now of 4) with food, water and clothing if they ever came up short while stealing. Scouting the slums of Rukongai one day, they came upon a house which was for sale. The price didn't seem too expensive as they'd been saving 6 years from stealing. They actually decided to buy the house which was later said to be a house owned by a captain of the Gotei 13. He'd always dreamt of the Gotei 13 from the standard checks they did within Rukongai, he had to be careful to avoid them as he was always upto mischievous activities with Katar and Hana.

Stealing was fun to the 3, while Lile stayed at home they'd usually be out in the richer areas of Rukongai, stealing from unsuspecting victims. One night Jin decided to make some extra money after training with Katar, he thought he was a good enough fighter to compete in the Rukongai nightly gambling fights. These fights were brutal and were usually fought with any weapon the challengers could muster. Jin had actually managed to steal a Kodachi earlier, it was just lying on the ground, so he thought he'd have it. When going to this gambling fight, Jin took the Kodachi, some robes and a scabbard which he'd tied to his back for an easy withdrawal if any unsuspecting enemies were to show. However he chose to walk with his sword as he walked there, eventually sheathing it as he got closer. He reached his destination, a building crowded with middle aged men screaming and shouting with a pit in the middle of the so called arena. He walked up to the guy handling the betting and bet all the money he had on himself(Half of the familys money). He withdrew his sword as he walked into the arena, his opponent was a massive guy around twice Jin's age wielding a mace. He was petrified, holding his Kodachi with both hands shaking. The massive guy took two large steps and swung at him, which he dodged. He possessed good dexterity from all his mischievous activity in Rukongai. However he couldn't get within range and the massive guy kept swinging his mace at Jin. Jin couldn't do anything. The sound of alcoholics cheering for somebody to be injured or even die made Jin shudder as he ran around the arena dodging the massive guys attacks. He eventually tripped, and took a glancing blow to the head of which he could only partially block with his kodachi. He lay in a dreamy state, the sound of the arena had drowned. He heard a voice in his head 'Get up, fool' it said, Jin unsure of what it was still lay there unconscious. The voice shouted once again, 'Get up, and defend yourself!'. Jin didn't understand, it was impossible. This voice kept shouting at him, over and over until he finally found the voice and seen a shaded figure of a man in his mind. However he quickly regained consciousness to only just dodge a finishing blow from his opponent. He grabbed his kodachi with a new feeling of confidence, and what also felt like improved speed and power, and when his opponent started shouting insults, Jin flipped. He dodged the mace easily now and lunged forward, creating a critical hit. Injuring his opponent severely and being declared as a winner. Jin's body however was bloody, his nose broken and his arms and legs bruised. He returned home with the huge amount of money only to leave swiftly. They couldn't see him in this state, what had he done to himself?

Jin ventured into the nearby forest, taking little supplies with him, only essential things and a linen cloth to help his wounds. He also took his katana as he was sure that's what spoke to him on that night. He lay in a tree, looking to the stars and slept that first night. He was hurting badly from the injuries sustained however he liked the fight. He liked pushing himself to the edge. It was a challenge for him and he embraced the possibility of death. In his dream, he met the same figured man as he did when he was unconscious, it told him to train and join the Gotei 13 if he wanted to realise his full potential, however this figure was never seen in dream again.

So the following morning, he regretted leaving his family but he had a new ambition. To train, survive in the wilderness and push his limits. He loved to train, he'd use the Kodachi which over time develloped a straighter edge, a more significantly coloured and shaped hilt and Jin also had significant growth over the years. Jin trained and survived solidly for 101 years, and was recently knocked unconscious once again. He looked around, it was like a lucid dream - however there was a man standing there, saying 'so you took my advice? you've turned out well..'. The area around him was harmonic, peaceful. There was a lake surrounding. Jin asked, 'who are you?'. The man simply replied, 'I am your Zanpakutou, I've brought you here to direct you where to go..'. After this the Zanpakutou quickly used shunpo to appear before Jin's eyes, slashing in a taunting manor to which Jin had to defend. 'First, I want to see how good you are..'. Jin then smirked a little and replied 'I suppose you're in for a surprise..'. The fight consisted of many comings together, slashing at one another and alot of shunpo and speed while trying to slash each other. However the Zanpakutou finally said 'stop..', to which Jin did. His Zanpakutou called him a 'weak child'. Jin couldn't take it, he'd trained for years striving for perfection, and his Zanpakutou says this? Anger and rage grew from his heart. His reiatsu, power and speed increased as he charged towards his Zanpakutou. His kodachi changed form running towards his Zanpakutou, he was now wielding two Ono axes, with etching on each that symbolised 'rage' and 'anger'. He took a huge flurry of swings at his Zanpakutou to which the Zanpakutou replied 'well done, maybe we'll meet again some day, now how about the Gotei 13?', 'Wait!' cried Jin, however he was too late and had regained consciousness. Confused, Jin took the stranger's advice and advanced on to the Gotei 13, hoping to join and maybe one day become ranked..

Lile Zirano - Unknown (presumed alive)
Hana Zirano - Unknown (presumed alive)
Katar Zirano - Unknown (presumed alive)
Loyalties: Family members.
Personal Items: A linen bandage of his mother's on his hand, he's never taken this off since he started training.


((For information on statistics and leveling see the Systems board))

Battles: -

Fights Won: -
Fights Lost: -

Missions Completed: -

Successful: -
Failures: -

Level: 1

Basic stats:

Stamina: 20/200
Power: 45/200
Speed: 45/200
Reiatsu: 40/200
Total: 150

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 35/100
Zanpaktou Mastery: 35/100
Kido Intelligence: 0/100
Shunpo Speed: 30/100
Total: 100


((For a listing of different types of techniques see the Technique Library))




((For information on Shikai/Bankai, go here))

Zanpaktou Name: Gekidoburu.
Zanpaktou Meaning: Raging Bull.
Zanpaktou Spirit: -
Zanpaktou Realm: -
Zanpakuto Type: Melee
Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form: Jin dual wields two Ono axes which each symbolise 'Rage' and 'Anger'. (can't control these yet, only used in bio)
Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form: - Once i reach appropriate levels I will fill in releases

((sorry if typos typed this at 5am :p))

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PostSubject: Re: Jin Zirano   Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:28 am

Cool Welcome to the site, Alright, your bio is looking good, But one thing get rid of Shunpo, and Shikai. You can't have these yet for your an Academy Student you don't know Shunpo yet, nor do you have your Zanpakuto yet. But your Zanpakuto information is looking good. Just take out Shunpo and Shikai and your approved.
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Jin Zirano

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PostSubject: Re: Jin Zirano   Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:49 am

Edited it around a little, cheers for correcting me Smile However i still personally like having the Zan in my bios.
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Zirano   Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:11 pm

approved, go on out and post.
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Jin Zirano

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PostSubject: Re: Jin Zirano   Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:37 am

thanks for approving, i'll wait until my forum title is changed though! Smile
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Jin Zirano
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