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 Fenrir Zealot

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PostSubject: Fenrir Zealot   Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:16 am


Name: Fenrir Zealot (Japanese pronunciation- Fenra Zirotto)(Norwegian-Fenrir Seloten)
Birthday: unknown
Physical age:unknown (23?)
Height: 6'1'' (185.42 cm)
Weight: 192 lbs (87.27 kg)
Race: Japanese-Norwegian
Type : Shinigami - Unsighted officer 8th Division
Weapon Description:
"Weapon Description":




Character Description:

Personality: Fenrir is often caught in between two personalities. Being warm and caring, as well as cold, and calculating. He only seeks to go forward, in everything he does. He always turns in paperwork on time, and is never late to any meetings. He is protective over his allies, but is willing to leave them behind in terms of personal growth. He has a powerful mind, a strong voice, and is one that easily makes a leader's appearance. Fenrir does not like sarcasm, as he takes everything literally, and often is left in the dark when it comes to jokes. He sleeps often oddly enough, and usually prefers to work alone. Spends ample amounts of time meditating, with or without his sword, but still finds a small amount of time for social events. Two sides to his behavior.

Dark brown hair, almost black, slightly slanted eyes, which are gold, with white irises, long eyelashes, athletic build, light tan skin, a very upstanding appearance. Likes to dress in a white three piece suit when not in uniform. Markings on his skin are visible in the golden moon's light, in the shape of some sort of pattern, with an eye shape on his forehead.
Looks like these two here.


No records of Fenrir are kept. The science division can't even seem to specify anything even with a DNA sample -forced-. He very well knows about his past, as he states, but says nothing. He just appeared one day, was registered into the shinigami school, and passed with decent grades. His data has oddly enough, not been perused. He once said he was related to someone who also "howls at the moon", but mostly he only goes on about going in one shining path, never faltering.


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Fenrir Zealot
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