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 Mizu Masuta

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PostSubject: Mizu Masuta   Tue May 10, 2011 4:58 pm

xXGeneral InformationXx


Mizu Masuta


Visual/Suggested Age: 17

Actual Age: 23

Gender: Male

Tall and slender with medium spiked hair. Eyes dark green and black hair.
Clothing –
bottom half jeans with several tears in around the knees. Wears trainers or sandels dependant on location. Although he will mostly be seen bare footed when walking about
Top half, wears a t-shirt with his zanpaktou’s name on it and a jacket with the ‘10’ symbol on it that covers as far as lower buttocks

Preferably captain of squad 10

xXPersonal InformationXx

Despite him being suddenly introduced that he is half human half shinigami he is a carefree laid back person. But if you ‘tick’ him off youl know all about it and is very blunt when speaking to others.
He dislikes people staring at him, takin the piss out of others, the heat and being late. From this he takes very good care of all those bellow him very well always aiming to ensure their safety and their well being.

He likes friendly folk who will take him at face value, loves the ocean, mild temperatures and ice lollies. Of course a little bit of boose on occasion

He dosnt like the heat, hollows, bad people or taking the piss out of others

He aims to please others in all aspects of his life. working hard to achieve this goal he will do whatever it takes

Coming from a town in the human world and living with just his father he was labled as being odd as he could see people and creatures than his friends couldnt see. Throughout his years in a high school he learned to hide the fact he could see these people and creatures. Leading a paticuarly normal life up until the age of 16 untill his friends started feeling ill when they were with him for period of time.
Once he realised that he was making his friends ill after school he would hide in his room. his father getting worried about this decided it was time to tell Mizu about his mother. Although Mizu never realy cared to know about his mother as he figured she didnt want anything to do with him.

Around this time he kept dreaming about a dragon and it was shouting at him "MY NAME IS U...!" it was frustrating that he couldnt hear the rest of what the dragon was trying to say

His father told him-
"Mizu your mother is not of this world... i know its confusing but she let you live here under my request to let you experience a normal life"
Seeing the confused look on his face he continued, "Your half shinigami Mizu... And since your showing this power id say your mother will be here shortly" at this he left Mizu alone with his thoughts
"Shinigami?... what does he mean?"

As the days went past this went out of Mizu's mind but he couldnt forget about the dragon. However he continued to school as normal.

One afternoon a few weeks later it was his final school exam. This day was odd as Mizu noticed a young very beautiful woman standing with two swords infront of the school. However no one seamed to notice her. "Must be one of them" thought Mizu. Ignoring the woman he made his way to the coffee bar to meet at few mates, thinking that he musnt stay long.

He gives his farewales to his mates and making his way home he realises that the woman from the school is following him. rushing home he anounces to his father that he is being followed. his father just states not to be rediclous.
About an hour later knocking at the door. The same woman...? Opening the door his father looks delighted but Mizu's face droped

"Hello Mizu" says the woman
"This is your mother" his father grins
At this Mizu feints. when he comes to he had been moved to the sofa in the living room and the woman was talking away to his dad.

after some discussion his mother convinces him to go to the park. Demanding that his dad goes as well the three of them set off to the park. When they arrived the woman spun on the spot and explained about shinigami and zanpaktou. Misu completly baffled just stares open mouthed.
"Ok Mizu this is my zanpaktou, MELT Kazan" her sword transformed into a double ended sword with black blade and flames coming from the trip. Mizu couldnt believe his eyes. "Here take this mizu said his mother" reaching him the other sword, "have you had dreams of a creature and you cant hear its name?"
"Yes" mumbles Mizu "But one question how can you be my mother your so young" he askes her
It this his dad laughs "oh mizu she has at least 200 years on me". his mother didnt look happy about this but nodded to agree
"OK" said Mizu taking the sword "OH?" the sword glows producing water and lightning coming from the blade both his father and mother's jaws drop. "wow what power" they both mutter
When it stops he hears "MY NAME IS UMI KURASSHU!!! if you need me ask me to DRENCH!!!"
"well whats it's name" asks his mother
"uuuum well lwts try this" he replys
DRENCH UMI KURASSHU!!! the sword glows as Mizu instincitvly spins the sword in his hand, it forms into a trident and water pours from each end with and electricity flows around the top of the trident. the water stops and forms a circle floating about 3 feet diameter just above his ankles.

"OH MY GOSH!!!" his mother gasps "you can already use your shikai"
the next morning he goes to the soul society with his mother. training he gets a seated position in the court guard squads at the age of 18 and by the time he is 19 he has acheived bankai and gets referal for captain position for the 10th squad.
The test is passed with flying colurs and he was oficially made the captain of the 10th squad when 20 years old. making him the youngest captain ever, and has maintained the position for the past 2 years

Father (human living in his home town)
Mother (Shinigami currently a member of the 13 court guard squads – zanpaktou Kazan)

Captain commander and underlings

Personal Items:



Fights Won: -
Fights Lost: -

Missions Completed:

Successful: -
Failures: -


Basic stats:

Stamina: 100/200
Power: 80/200
Speed: 100/200
Reiatsu: 120 /200
Total: 400

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 60/100
Zanpaktou Mastery: 90/100
Kido Intelligence: 20/100
Shunpo Speed: 80/100
Total: 250


uuuuum ive made it so Mizu isn’t great at Kido soooooooo uuuum yea


Sealed Form:

Zanpaktou Name: Umi Kurasshu

Zanpaktou Meaning: Oceans Crash

Zanpaktou Spirit: Umi Kurasshu is a great dragon that can manipulate water and lightning in his realm

Zanpaktou Realm: this realm is a beach looking out onto the ocean. The water is almost always calm unless Mizu or Umi Kurasshu is in a state of unreast then a storm will brew

Zanpakuto Type: Water and Lightning (electric)

Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form:

When Mizu uses the release command of “drench” he spins the sword in his hand, while he does so the sword changes to a trident. Once he does this he will be able to command the two elements as he pleases

Release process:

Release in context:
"Drench Umi Kurasshu" spining the zanpaktou in his hand it glows and extends to form a trident, water flows from the spiral shape at the bottom and from the trident end, the water flowing and forming a circle around him hovering just above his ankles as this happens lightning forms and circles the water that was releases as well as either end of the trident.

Zanpakutō Power:
Umi Kurasshu has the ability to produce and manipulate water and lightening. However only one at a time can be used. This will make double element attacks very difficult.
(To perform such an attack in Shikai form it will cost the SP of the two attacks +15 additional SP)

Shikai attacks
The shikai special abilities for umi kurasshu are:

Tidal crash – (speed attack) this summons up a mass of water from the wielders zanpaktou like a tide to basically ‘crash’ into an opponent. Similar to a tsunami
(SP used 10)

Dance of blades – (speed attack) this is a lightening technique that forces lightening into blade forms and directs them at high speeds towards the opponent slashing them.
(SP used 10)

Oceans blast - This water technique fires spheres of water at the opponent at high speeds in the same manner as a gun or cannon
(SP used 15)

Thunder – this attack releases a blast of lightening into the air to come down ontop of the opponent
(SP used 20)

Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form:

Umi no Kaminari Ryu
The bankai for Mizu is rather unusual: as once he releases his Bankai the appearance of the shikai almost completly disappears.

Bankai Power:
By clasping his hands together the bankai for Mizu enables him to double up the elemental attacks making a mix of lightening and water attacks. By using his hands he will then be able to manipulate the elements more effectively than with the trident. Also this will give him greater abilities while in close combat and inhance his speed
He will be able to retain the attacks from his shikai and combine them to make new attacks (attacks bellow) . And give him the ability to create storms
(the inhanced speed will allow Mizu to increase his speed by +10 also in bankai this will eliminate the double attack cost)

English Name: Oceans Thunder Dragon

Bankai look:

Release in context:
“BANKAI” The trident glows and beginning to deform and twist around Mizu's body forming metalic armour around his chest, arms and forehead. the metal around his hands forms claws on each hand (image above) as this is happening the sky turns dark and thunder can be herd from above. as the former trident stops glowing and comes to a rest forming his bankai around his hands and body.
Now water circles his upper arms and the circle from his shikai remains, lightening can be seen in his hands and the crown shape on his forehead, and shoulder guards
"Umi no Kaminari Ryu"

Aqua Light – this ability allows Mizu to combine a large aqua sphere with lightning to be fired at the opponent. The force of the water is great and the lightening means that the opponent will receive the shock while soaked in water. from this several orbs can be created to rotate at speed around opponents to both trap and attack
SP used 25

Storm dragon – this ability means that Mizu will be able to create a dragon from water and Lightening to attack the opponent. He will be able to ride on the back of it but he prefers not to do so as while controlling it he cannot use other attacks. however the dragon can create large versions of Aqua Light and works in the same manner
SP used 35

RP Sample:

Mizu catching up on his paper work in his office finaly finishes. Streching he looks about "I wonder where the squad is thats was to sort the hollow"
looking about some more he gets worried about his squad "oh wheres a lieutent when ya need one? must get that positon filled asap". Getting worried about his subordinates he goes to the point where the hollow was sighted. From a distance he see's an explosion. Rushing to the location of the explosion he finds his subordinates all on the ground unconsious apart from one who is pined to a nearby tree by a human looking hollow.
"OI" he calls to the hollow. it turns, the hollow looks at Mizu and smiles letting go of the squad member pinned to the tree. The hollow looks like a woman wearing a long trench coat and a partial mask that appears like bull horns and skull. "what are you doing to my squad?" Mizu says to the hollow woman.
She simply smiles and says "hmm fresh meat you might satisfy my hunger"
Mizu calling to the squad member terrified by the tree and taking hold of his zanpaktou "Serena go get squad 4" the girl gets up and departs to get the 4th squad

"why are you getting them? more for me to eat?" grins the hollow woman
"indeed not" says Mizu calmy he begins to spin his zanpaktou in his hand, "drench UMI KURASSHU" glowing as it spins in his hand, it forms into a trident and water pours from each end with and electricity flows around the top of the trident. the water stops and forms a circle floating about 3 feet diameter just above his ankles. "because your going to stop existing here"
At this the hollow woman lunges at Mizu. Blocking the attack Mizu jumps back "dance of blades" The hollow woman gets hit with many blades of electricity. Getting up she says "now youve made me angry" a look of rage flows over her face and she again charges at Mizu, dodging her he sticks the trident in her back.
Blood flowing from her wound she gets back to her feet, "WOW your a stuborn one... and your not even an espada?" states Mizu. "Im afraid ill have to finish you"
"Go on ahead" snaps the hollow woman "but not before i leave my mark" moving fast she charges again at Mizu, taking him by surprise she sticks the horn of her mask into his uppet thy.
"GAAH" Grumbles Mizu "oh i shouldnt of let my guard down"

The hollow woman grins again "Looks like your too wounded to put up a decent fight"
Mizu sighs "im a captain and not going to waste bankai on you". This time Mizu grins "time to finish this". Pointing the trident at the hollow woman "tidal crash" the water flows out and forms a wave crashing into the woman and engulfs her "bye now, Dance of blades". The electric blades speed towards the water trapped woman slashing throught the water and severing her.
She screams as she turns to nothingness in the water, the water disipates and the electricity stops flowing. "well that killed some time" chuckiling to himself he quickly realises that no one was consious to hear the joke. Sighing "I would try and heal you all but it may kill you's since im rubbish at kido i'd better wait for squad 4"
Sitting waiting for squad 4 all Mizu can think of is the report he will have to write up for this. "oh there they are" thanks guys ill leve this to you shall I?" he says to the squad
"Yes captain Masuta, and Serena is recovering in our barracks" one of squad 4 replys
Again Mizu sighs "as always please call me Mizu... or even captain Mizu... less formal ya know" at this Mizu departs and heads back to his office,"I realy must recruit a leuitenant... oh no the report..."

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PostSubject: Re: Mizu Masuta   Wed May 11, 2011 8:27 am

First off, welcome to Seireitei! We've experienced quite the slump in activity of late, but hopefully we can reverse this trend.

Your profile seems good, but please use this formatting code:


For your Zanpakuto:

All techniques both in Shikai and Bankai must have SP costs attached to them. The higher the cost, the stronger the technique.

Any ability or technique that increases a physical attribute such as enhanced speed, strength, stamina, etc. should coincide with our stat system which is located here.

If your Bankai enhances your character's speed, by how much?

On Stats:

Since you are a Captain, you start at level 70 and you get 400 points to distrubute across basic stats, as well as 250 to distrubute across sub stats.


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PostSubject: Re: Mizu Masuta   Wed May 11, 2011 12:39 pm

there we go some editing done Very Happy
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Mizu Masuta
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