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 Fullbringer Profile

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PostSubject: Fullbringer Profile   Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:57 pm

xXGeneral InformationXx

Picture: A picture of your character.
Name: The name of your character.
Alias: Any nicknames your character might have.
Visual/Suggested Age: What age your character seems to be.
Actual Age: Your characters actual age.
Gender: What's your characters gender.
Looks: Despite the fact that you have a picture you need to fill this out.


Fullbringer Name: The name of your Fullbringer.
Fullbringer Sealed: What is your Fullbringer sealed state.
Fullbringer Appearance: What do your Fullbringer look like.
Fullbringer Type: Is your Fullbringer a weapon type, elemental, armor, or support.
Fullbringer Power: What is your Fullbringer abilities.

xXPersonal InformationXx

Personality: Your characters personality. This needs to be at least one paragraph, a paragraph being 5 lines across the page.
Likes: What your character likes.
Dislikes: What your character dislikes.
Code: What's your characters morals, what do they live by or live for.
History: Your characters history. Everyone needs to do this and it needs to be a minimum of 3 paragraphs, a paragraph being at least 5 lines across the page.
Family: Any family your character might have, living or deceased.
Loyalties: Who your character is loyal to.
Personal Items: Any item your character carries on their person.



Fights Won:
Fights Lost:

Missions Completed: The total number of missions this character has completed

Successful: The number of successful missions this character has completed. Include titles.
Failures: The number of missions this character has failed. Include titles.


Basic stats:

Stamina: /200
Power: /200
Speed: /200
Reiatsu: /200

Sub Stats:

Weapon Skill: /100
Fullbringer Mastery: /100
Spiritual Arts Skill: /100
Enhanced Speed: /100


[u]Custom Techniques:
Any custom techniques your character knows.

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Fullbringer Profile
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