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 *Captain* Kyoya Kenpachi

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Kaptain Kyoya

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PostSubject: *Captain* Kyoya Kenpachi   Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:59 am

xXGeneral InformationXx


Captain of 11th Division Kyoya Kenpachi

Name: Kyoya Kenpachi

Alias: Kenapchi (The name given to the head of 11th division), The Second Coming, The Kid, Genius, Ky.

Visual/Suggested Age: 17

Actual Age: 120

Gender: Male

Looks: Kyoya Kenpachi is a young man with raven black hair, a slim deceptive build, and intimidating eyes. Almost always scowling, he is often seen wearing a black kimono under his Captain Uniform, only changing should he know he is being sent on a formal mission. He has a large scar on his back from the Neo Espada War, a coward who tried to assassinate him, who now is dead. Due to his age and air of mysterious hate, he is very popular among the women of soul society, featuring heavily in many of their weekly magazines. His Zanpakuto are usually hidden behind his Captain Cloak, looping into his belt in a way that they cross like an x pattern.

Division: 11th Division Captain

xXPersonal InformationXx

Personality: A brawler with a brilliant mind. He emits a stalwart, observant, matter of fact attitude when in dealings with other captains. His subordinates find him cold and unapproachable, but his Lt. maintains that he isn't that scary after a few beatings. Needless to say he prefers to be left alone either gazing out across the sky from the roof of 11th division's headquarters, pontificating about a battle that has yet to happen or in his personal training grounds perfecting his abilities, only being content when at peace with himself. In battle is the only time Kyoya displays joy, represented by the almost sadistic smile on his face when he is locked in combat and although he's known to be a violent fighter, Kyoya's actions tend to be for the best of the Soul Society. He longs for a worthy opponent because the only thing in life is the thrill of the fight to Kyoya. Due to his battle prowess and status as a genius, he tends to look down on many individuals, with the exception of his fellow Gotei 13. He places high value on honor and tradition going so far as saving his captain during the neo espada war just so he would have the right to become the next captain the right way. He is not without quirks mind you, oddly enough he heads the Ikebana Club (Flower arranging club) and knows much about flowers and soil. He is also the head of the pet appreciation club, displaying affection only to his pet Hedgehog, spikes.

Likes: Combat, Spikes, Training, Ikebana.

Dislikes: Talkative people, his subordinates, cowards, peace lovers.

Code: Survival of the fittest.

History: Kyoya's history begins in an orphanage in the slums of soul society, left on the doorstep unwanted. In the orphanage he learned to do everything just a little sooner than most kids. He could walk, talk, and fight before any peer. Early on he showed his aptitdue for combat, winning the battle for whatever toy he saw fit to play with. Eventually this got him kicked out and put on the streets of the slums. Sticking to his survival of the fittest code he took to mugging quite easily. When a local gang heard about a child stealing there business they confronted Kyoya in the intentions of having him join or kill him. When Kyoya scoffed at the idea the fight was on, and then it was off just as soon. The gang was able to put up little resistance against him, and he took over as the head of the organization at their constant begging. Leading this band of delinquents proved quite fruitful for the next decade until the Soul Society had determined that Kyoya's reign of terror was too long and it needed to end. They first sent a moderate policing force.....they didn't return. They sent a couple of the 2nd Divisions finest....they didn't return much to there captain's chargin. Finally realizing the threat level fo the situation, the former Captain of the 11th company was sent in. For the first time in his life Kyoya met a battle he could not win. Seeing his value however the Captain forcefully took Kyoya back to the Gotei 13, telling him to enroll in the academy before they would have a rematch.

With the desire for a rematch and his already incomparable natural talent Kyoya breezed through the academy like it was merely summer camp. Straight out of graduation, Kyoya was seated 2nd in the division rising to Lt. easily after defeating him, per the 11th companies code. For the next few years his power grew until eventually being offered a captain position for another squad at an age younger than any captain since Hitsugaya, he turned it down, only seeking the head of the only opponent to beat him. The following year was the Neo Espada War. Here Kyoya made a name for himself racking up a total number of kills eclipsing those of other captain level shinigami. During the war however the 11th division captain was brutally injured taking on one of the espada leaders, seeing his chance at a rematch deminishing, Kyoya aided his captain in the destruction of one of the neo espada and retreaded hastily. Once back at the division headquarters, the 11th company captain and Kyoya knew what was to come next, the battle of ascension. As the 11th companies code of conduct dictates, the new captain has to defeat the old in a battle to the death, proving his strength as the best in the division. Due to his extensive injuries and Kyoya's overwhelming strength the battle was more of a scuffle, ending with Kyoya killing his former Captain honorably. Now one of the youngest Captains in history and newly crowned Kyoya is ready for the next challenge....

Family: None, although his band of delinquents did join the 11th division

Loyalties: Soul Society

Personal Items: Occasionally Spikes will accompany him outside of his room.


Battles: 50

Fights Won: 48
Fights Lost: 2

Missions Completed: The total number of missions this character has completed

Successful: The number of successful missions this character has completed. Include titles.
Failures: The number of missions this character has failed. Include titles.

Level: 70

Basic stats:

Stamina: 50/200
Power: 180/200
Speed: 80/200
Reiatsu: 90/200
Total: 400

Sub Stats:

Zanjutsu Skill: 75/100
Zanpaktou Mastery: 100/100
Kido Intelligence: 0/100
Shunpo Speed: 75/100
Total: 250

Kidou: The 11th divison focuses on pure combat abandoing all other Shinigami techniques then the ones pertaining to physical body and their zanpakuto

Hadou: N/A
Bakudou: N/A

Hakuda: Due to his Zanpakuto being a melee type, and not of the sword variety, he is one of, if not the most proficient Hakuda Master in Soul Society. As such he uses a miriad of Hakuda techniques whilst in combat in conjuction with his Tonfa Zanpakuto.

List of Known Hakuda:

Custom Techniques: Too be added when thought of Very Happy


The Spirit and The Realm of Bishamonten Ikari No Hone
Zanpaktou Name: Bishamonten Ikari No Hone

Zanpaktou Meaning: God of Warriors Bones of Wrath

Zanpaktou Spirit:
=The spirit within Kyoya's Zanpakuto demands to be called Bishamonten the japanese god of warriors. He see's Kyoya fit as his owner and is glad that he was made captain of the division known for their fierce warriors. He is one of the few who doesn't annoy Kyoya, because they share the same love for battle.

Zanpaktou Realm: The Realm in which Bishamonten resides is a battlefield torn apart by war, littered with dead bodies and weapons left behind as far as the eye can see. A barren brown wasteland, the perfect place for one last battle....

Zanpakuto Type: Melee, Kyoya's Zanpakuto take on the form of two wakizashi in their base form. When released into Shikai they take on the form of Tonfa, where as in Bankai Kyoya's uniform changes to a black overcoat, much like Ichigo Kurosaki.

Zanpakuto Shikai Release Form:

- The opponent infront of me wishes to feel the wrath of war, oblige Bishamonten Ikari No Hone-

Zanpakuto Bankai Release Form:

-The rage of war breeds cowardice in the heart of many, yet mine stays true, hardened like the god of war, rendering judgement on the souls of the weak....Bankai!-


xXRoleplay Sample/IntroXx

The air in soul society was cold and stung against Kyoya's face. Showing no outward sign of disatisfaction with this, he carried on to his Division's barracks, cupping Spikes in his hand so as to keep the critter warm. Once arriving in front of the doors to his destination, he was greeted as he was every morning by the members of the 11th squad. Again displaying no emotion he carried on only giving his men a slight nod as the indication to close the doors, and as a greeting to them in return. Once inside his own room he placed Spikes back in his cage, on the way to open the blinds. As the blinds began to expose the room to sunlight Kyoya gazed over Soul Society seeing, fortunately for the citizens that all was well.

Deepening his scowl over the lack of adventure the day was to inevitably bring, he agained strolled out into the main room towards the Dojo. Upon entering he was greeted with the sound of many refining their arts, with the intention of one day taking the seat he had just recently claimed. He felt the eyes of those with seniority greater then his own staring him down as he walked to the middle. "Perhaps some of you have a problem with the way I gained the 11th division mantle, I can understand why. Its only reasonable to suspect that if our previous Captain were healthy and not freshly injured from the Neo Espada War, that I may not have won the duel. But I assure you that my abilities are more than up to the task of leading this division to greatness, any that wishes to challenge this notion please voice your concern. I have the need for excitement today." Said Kyoya with slight smile crossing his lips as his challenge to the room went unanswered. "I see.....then you cowards stop staring at me and get back to sparring, lest I feel the need to reduce the size of your meals".

Exiting the Dojo moments later Kyoya was on his way to a meeting with the Captain Commander. Having seen his subordinates for the day and asserting his dominance once more, it was time for him to either begin arranging for Ikebana club or perhaps if he was lucky, find another captain to spar with. Along the way he passed the many empty barracks still captainless. His mind wondered if there was a new prodigy to be named Captain at a younger age than he, and if he could pose a challenge enough to spar with. Unfortunately this did not seem to be the case, for when he reached the Captain Commanders Office there were no new Captains being ready to be announced. No, instead the ones in the room were Captain Commander Sansai, Captain Hakufu of the 5th Division, and himself. Kneeling down and bowing respectfully to Hakufu then Sansai, Kyoya chose to voice his concerns. "The lack of Division heads is breeding instability Sir. I move we fill the remaining spots as quickly as possible...."

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PostSubject: Re: *Captain* Kyoya Kenpachi   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:05 am

Ok sweet just one major problem the level. All shinigami captain level starts at 70, so fix that and the stats and you should be good
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Kaptain Kyoya

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PostSubject: Re: *Captain* Kyoya Kenpachi   Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:05 pm

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PostSubject: Re: *Captain* Kyoya Kenpachi   Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:32 pm

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PostSubject: Re: *Captain* Kyoya Kenpachi   

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*Captain* Kyoya Kenpachi
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